Message from Sa Lu Sa

23rd August, 2004

I come at your request and I can overlay your consciousness with mine, so that you are a clear receptacle for my message. Earthman, your time has arrived to meet your real ancestors, from a history that goes back a long, long way. As you let yourselves go lower into a vibratory state that required a more physical body, so one had to be provided that enabled you to exist in a material environment, one that afforded you all of the necessary protection against the elements, and at the same time the ability to survive by nourishing your body with the energies that already existed. We can go back almost a million years to where you had taken on physicality, not far removed from what it is today. In one experimental period the physical body was found unsuitable and mutated, and that caused it to be withdrawn. The souls affected by this were released without trauma to them, and were re-located into what proved to be a more suitable body. This means that genetically, you are related to the hybrids that were a development from the original body. In the course of time, further evolution was necessary to enable you to move on, and positive steps were made to improve your stock. There were long periods when there was no further need for intervention, and you progressed satisfactorily. In fact as you experienced life in many different civilizations, and you evolved spiritually and began to climb back to your former glory. However, other Beings took an interest in you too, but for ulterior motives and they altered your DNA, so that you virtually became non-entities. You lacked the ability to commune with your Higher Self, and rapidly declined into separate groups that fought and warred against each other, having forgotten their true relationship with each other.

You have gone through many such periods, and with help from higher dimensional Beings who came to Earth to restore your knowledge, you gradually began that long journey back to the Light. Your experiences have been cyclic in nature, and you have been presented with the same type of challenges many times over. It has been an intentional learning curve, from which you have been able to evolve and awaken to your real self. In the latter periods, and in particular the last 50,000 years, you have been led by both your Spiritual mentors, and those who came from off-world and falsely presented themselves to you as your Gods. Both have had their impact upon you, but it divided the people who chose to follow their own particular Gods. Largely due to superstition, many different religious groups were set up, each professing to follow the correct path. The result was that the Truth became mixed up with the false teachings, that were meant to keep you in the control of the Priesthood. Yet the Truth was never completely diminished, and survived because it was held in secret doctrines that were passed on century after century.

In ancient times when civilisations such as Atlantis were at their spiritual peak, the Masters came to Earth and walked amongst Man, and they were recognised for who they were. Their names were passed down and some became legends, and Greek mythology recorded a number of them, such as Apollo. Many of them came from the Great White Brotherhood, and incarnated upon Earth, to keep the knowledge of your true origins alive, thus balancing the negative teachings that caused you to stray from the path. But in the confusion, you have actually believed that your God came direct from some mystical place called Heaven. Understand that all Beings have links with many different constellations, and that you are also as much off-world Beings as any one else. Your closest families have kept a loving eye on you for many thousands of years, and you will rejoin them very soon, and you will know beyond doubt that they are yours. Some of you are from within your solar system, and act in a serving capacity for the forces of Light.

That you have come through your cycle of duality so successfully is quite an achievement. But the truth is that whatever happened, it was always going to be possible for you to bring the Light back. You cannot be cut off from the knowledge of your God source indefinitely. Once you started to grasp the Truth of your reality, you attracted more knowledge to yourself, and gradually began to understand the essence your spirituality. The great secret that you learnt was that all knowledge was held within, and that it was there that you could commune with your real Father/Mother God.

Today you stand at the portal of Ascension and can look back on a remarkable series of life-times. You have put yourselves in a position where you can no longer be pulled back by the negative forces, and knowledge has become your weapon against them, and the Truth has set you free.

We of the higher dimensions may have gone before you, but we look at you with complete admiration. Very soon we will have the opportunity to meet you, and we will have wonderfully illuminating times together. We have much to tell you, and much work to do together. You shall soon be like us and have the ability to travel within and beyond your solar system.

I am from the Sirius Star System, and we are closely connected with you and our relationship shall continue well into the future.

Thank you Sa Lu Sa,

Mike Quinsey