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April 13 , 2004
By Anne Bellringer

Greetings to you chela, this beautiful April morning.   I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Lighted Realms.  In my Higher Self I am ATON.  I speak for God Aton of Light this day to you who are still refusing to wake up to the LIE and come to the Light of Truth.  Truth hurts, but Truth must be spoken to reveal the Lie.  I quote from my message given to you in Phoenix Journal number 27, entitled, The Phoenix Operator Owner Manual:

“I come this day that ye shall be given to recognize of My presence.  I Am!  I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the WORD.  You need no burning bushes nor snakes into the staff—nor do you need blazing wheels in the cosmos.  Hear Me clearly, children, for you who have been misled into the corners of darkness and into behaviors which have unbalanced your planet and soiled the places of perfection, shall hear Me, find Truth and turn unto that Truth in the days that follow, or you shall be separated into the places away from My presence.  For as you have made your choices, and continue to act in ways against the laws as given unto your species to maintain balance and wholeness of soul direction, you shall continue in the places of the adversary which have pulled you down.  You have put reason and Godly thought to the side and entered into the places of darkness—claiming that you know not that which is Truth and living according to that which Man has made “legal”, but that which remains ‘unlawful”.  Now you spread the shackles of the “voted-in ‘legal’” evil which have been thrust upon you in your “modern” world and have defiled ALL that remained sacred and wondrously gifted unto you. 

I have sent My Hosts to give Truth unto you of the planet Earth (Shan) and I have sent the WORD and until the ending of the cycle so shall it be thus.  You have no way to know of the “time” which might be given unto you to find your way into the lighted path of Godly behavior and Truth

You continue to flail about in your carnage and denounce My messengers.  Blessed are the ones who see and hear for theirs shall be MY KINGDOM.  Blessed are you who pass the Word of Truth unto thine brethren in giving and tolerant sharing, for you shall shortly see of MY BEING.  I am as near as the breath you draw; I see and know all within each of My Children’s beings.” [End quoting]

I am disheartened because you of the United States are led by your government to condone the evil you display to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other 133 countries of the world where you deploy your troops.  You send your finest young people to murder and be murdered all for greed, power and control by the Darkside.  You sit in your churches and condone the evil of war, and weep for your young boys and girls, yet you tie yellow ribbons around the trees in support of your most evil government.  They tell you lie upon lie upon lie, and you believe them. 

My commandments are unchanging.  Again I quote what I wrote in Phoenix Journal number 27:

“MY LAWS and those of THE CREATION were given unto you of physical experience to honor total simplicity and gain wondrous fulfillment and joy from your relationships with your brethren, to pass the journey of experience in learning and then make passage into higher levels of understanding and knowledge.  You have now bound yourselves by shackles of lies into the endless rotation of the wheel of experience worsening with each experience until you have forgotten all the Truth of LIFE…” [End quote]

My commandment reads:  “You shall not murder your fellow man.”  Your evil government has sent your children to murder innocent people—unarmed men, women and children—all in the name of “freedom” and establishing a democracy.  Say what?  No, the Darkside does not want to establish a democracy anywhere!  They wish to destroy, control and eliminate the “useless eaters”.   Their aim is to destroy Planet Earth if they cannot have their way.  These evil ones have worked millions of years to keep you stupid and poor, and for you to think that you are free, when you are shackled with lies.  The last nails of your coffin are being put in place.

Oh, yes, there are many, who have awakened and the Truth is being presented again through the internet, for your media and all other communication is under total evil control.  The people of other countries laugh at you and call you stupid, because you know nothing of what is happening, and when Truth is presented you refuse to believe it!

Yet, there are those, who say not to post such horrible articles on the internet such as those posted on this site (Fourwinds).  

Fourwinds has posted four new articles on its home page, three dated April10, 2004, and one dated April 8, entitled, "No honest Americans...” etc.  Although I found these articles to be truthful, they were all very frightening as to what is presently taking place in our world.  Based on these articles, the darkside seems to be in total control with their criminal and killing ways with no end in sight.  I'm surprised to see fourwinds10 post these types of scary articles as all they do is promote a great sense of fear, which is not conducive to bringing in NESARA...”

I say, post the articles.  Wake people up!  When NESARA is announced, the whole Truth shall be revealed. All lies shall be revealed, and many shall fall over in shock because they did not believe the Truth about their evil government.  In all other messages through this receiver, I have been most positive and hopeful, but there comes a time when the people of the united States of America must awaken.  Stop beautifying war.  Stop supporting your evil government and their war plans.

We have spoken of NESARA many times.  When will it happen?  When will God stop these wars?  I say unto you that YOU must want it!  You must take responsibility and demand it be done.  You must wake up and take no more evil thrust upon you.  The god-less, soulless government cares not a whit about you, for your country is planned to be the next country where they wish to place you in prison camps and corridors with foreign control.  Wake up, and demand and petition for the evil to come back into LIGHT, or else be removed to continue their lifestream elsewhere.  Demand that enough suffering has taken place. Use the power of your God Spirit, and petition for world peace, and for the end to suffering.  Read, learn, meditate and use your Prayer Power to bring in the Age of Enlightenment.

Again, I quote from The Phoenix Operator Owner Manual:

“I have come in many ways, many times and in many forms to show you the way and teach you Truth through the Word.  …I extend my hand unto all who will take of it.  I shall bring you home into my place of wondrous experience--but I shall force none, not by so much as one hair of his head.  Man shall turn about and into Truth by his own freewill or he shall perish in his own delusion.” [End quote]

Let us usher in the Golden Age of Enlightenment.  Awaken to the Truth.  Accept it and make a difference.  The Golden Age comes with NESARA, and NESARA comes when those in darkness have seen and accepted the Light of Truth.

I close not with horror and lie, but with TRUTH.  I love you with a great love, but at times it must be TOUGH LOVE.  It is with this that I close, not with tears of sorrow but with tears of joy that you shall awaken to take back your family, your life, and your country.  

I AM Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Lighted Realms.  SALU!

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