From The Group,

Greetings from Home.

Ahh, here we sit at Home and watch with amazement as you create Home right in front of us. You are magical beings. You carry the energy of everything we have done in heaven, but you now carry it on Earth. Do you know how magical you are? Do you understand the essence of the true beings that you really are? We tell you, from this day forward you are taking on a new role here and it is incredibly important for you to understand. That is why we have been here to help you remember. Now you have enacted a whole new level of creation that was not possible any other way. You have set into motion the possibility of creating something higher than was ever dreamt of, even as you play the Game. And now you sit at the precipice of the entire valley, looking across from the highest cliff, deciding where to go from here.

New Abilities to Re-Create Heaven on Earth

Each one of you has gifts not fully understood, and yet you are starting to understand them now. Yes, you know that each and every one of you holds an important piece of the puzzle which is totally unique. That is why we call you the magicians of the Game Board. That is why you are creating new energy this day. Now that magic goes to all new levels. The Harmonic Convergence and the Harmonic Concordance have given you capabilities that were not even dreamt of in the beginning. That is what we wish to speak to you of this day.

Dear ones, we cannot tell you of the excitement here in Heaven as we tell you this. We cannot fully explain the possibilities that you now hold before you as you step into the power of your own individual creations. What you did not know is that in order to create your next step in the evolution of a soul, you will now re-create Earth. We will offer you a different perspective. We do not offer you the ultimate view of anything, but our purpose as angels is simply to help you see yourselves from a different view, the view of the angels. We will offer you that view this day.

The Second Planet of Free Choice

Human - Human Angel - Angel

You are aware that until recently you have been the Only Planet of Free Choice. Now there is a Second Planet of Free Choice that is in motion on a separate timeline, evolving rapidly. Your own evolution is moving from that of human to Human Angel, and eventually into the angelic realm. And when you finally assimilate all the energy that we are trying to gift you, you will step into the role we have been playing, for you will become the angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice in much the way that we have been the angels of the First Planet of Free Choice. That is why you are here. In the meantime, you are becoming the Human Angels, for each of you are finding ways that you can touch another human. We love it when you open your hearts and touch each other, for that is exactly what we have done for you, over and over again. Now that you have the capability of angelic acts, we ask that you claim and use ! that ability. As angels-in-training we ask you to use it for each other. A Human Angel is one who makes a commitment to be placed at the exact junction of time and space to help another human. Then eventually you will use those gifts to be an angel to the inhabitants of the Second Planet of Free Choice. That is the purpose of the portals that have been opening on Planet Earth. Not only will they open up other dimensional realities for you, but they will eventually provide you with access to the beings on the Second Planet of Free Choice.

In the very beginning we spoke of different boiling points, or hot spots, on Earth, all over the globe, that would connect to each other as you connected to your higher selves. It is happening this day. You are creating it yourselves. It is not the land. It is not the portal. It is you. You are the ones who have set this into motion through your own intent for your own opportunities to connect to other souls. The centers of light that you all have created have already made a difference on Earth. That is why so many of you have had the dream of a healing center. Only by holding that dream within your hearts were you able to create the centers of light you will now use for the next creation.

In the near future you will see movement though these portals as contact from what you call ?space beings.? We think that is quite humorous, as that is what the beings on the Second Planet of Free Choice will call you at one point. We love your conceptions of other life in the universe, although they are rarely accurate. There are interdimensional realities that live within your own time and space and this is where many of the beings that you call ?visitors from outer space? have been all along. They have been waiting for the appropriate time. Oh yes, some of them are far advanced of you technologically. Oh yes, some of them have been waiting a long time with the full knowledge that they are not alone in the universe. Some of these beings are your own parental races. Some of them you will recognize, some of them you will not. We tell you that when the time is right, they will come through the portals an! d start showing up in your reality more than ever before. But it goes much farther than that. That is only the first part of the process. On the First Planet of Free Choice you decided to put on the veil in a very unique way so that you would completely forget your abilities of creation. You would be pushed into a survival mode where you would not be able to remember or use your power. You have done well at re-membering Home and taking your power while still in physical form. That is why we say that you have already won the game. That is why a Second Planet of Free Choice has begun. But it does not stop there for as advanced beings, will start re-creating Earth itself to take your next step.

The Third Earth ~ A New Hologram for the 5th Dimension

This is why we show you how we have interacted with you as angels; for you will be using these tools exclusively in the future as you become angels yourselves. It will be important for you to interact and find effectiveness in your world first as a Human Angel, for that is how you will spread your joy. That is how you will know your own passion and what you have come to do. For even though you may find small pieces of it at this moment, it will become more important as time goes on, for there is something happening here that we speak of this day. In the beginning there was the Only Planet of Free Choice. Now there is the Second Planet of Free Choice. . . and now we speak of the creation of the Third Earth.

As you move vibrationally from one level to another to another, it is important to understand that you have been playing a Game on what originally began as a hologram. Even your ancient human writings speak of the creation of the Earth as a thought-form of God that was created in six days. These ethereal thought-forms are actually holograms of light. Therefore it should be known that even as the Earth is a living, loving and sentient being, she began her incarnation as a thought of God, as a hologram. Earth is the stage where you play out the dramas of your lives. You get up in the morning, brush your teeth, comb your hair, get into the car and you go to work. You are playing a wonderful Game pretending to be human, when in fact you are spirits playing a game in human form. Many times you are creating the dirt below your feet as you step forward. You create every second of every day as your expectations! and beliefs allow. Earth has been the most generous host for the game you play when you put on the veil. She is a part of you and you are a part of her. But even as a living, sentient being, there is much evolution that the Earth must undergo to fully support the dimensional shift to make space for fully empowered humans. Your evolution from the third dimension into the fifth dimension has already begun, yet there must still be adjustments to fully assimilate the attributes of the fifth dimension.

To facilitate those adjustments you will now create a new hologram for the new Earth. Once again it will begin in the ethers as a thought form of God, only this creation will manifest from the God within each of you.

You will build the hologram of the Third Earth with the highest intent that you wish to carry forward into your next evolutionary step. Then, when the image is complete, the Third Earth hologram will imprint itself over the top of the First Earth. At that stage, a unique thing will happen, for all vibrational levels will move as one. That is what you have known as ascension. It is in progress now. Yes, we know this whole hologram thing is hard to fathom for some of you. Let us put it very simply. Imagine a sacred space were you retreat and rejuvenate. It is your special room. You may have a favorite space beneath a walnut tree that sits on the edge of a lake. You may have a room with a golden chair right in the middle of it where you claim your power. Whatever it is, all of you have used such places to reset your energy from time to time. Then, when you have incorporated the serenity within your heart t! hat this sacred space offered, you will walk from that special space carrying the energy within you. That is the space that you are creating in the Third Earth. That is the uniqueness of what you create in the mental image that you will now project to create this hologram. It is not that you will go and live on the Third Earth at some point, but rather it will come to you and lie over the imprint that is now Earth. This will effectively reprogram the original hologram and make space for fully empowered humans to begin a new game.

So you have the First Planet of Free Choice, you have the Second Planet of Free Choice and you now have the Third Earth. Yes, your minds will want to know much: "Where is it? In what part of which quadrant of the Universe doe it exist? What dimensional reality is it in?" We love the questions and yet we will laugh hysterically when you ask them, for how can we tell you the exact location of a thought pattern? How can we explain to you the coordinates in the galaxy of your dreams? That is what you are creating this with, dear ones. Now is the time to become masters of your thoughts, for all of Earth is in then process of a grand creation.

Reconnecting to the Parental Races

The energetic machinery that has helped to create the veil has been in place for a very long time, and now you are starting to perceive it as the veil thins. Your own ears are advancing to a level where many of you will begin hearing more and more of that machinery that has existed behind the veil to help support it. Many of you will hear mechanical sounds that you have never heard before. Many of you will hear things that are not of your own biology, but instead are hearing the actual machinery that breathes life through ?All That Is.? You will be hearing the Universal Energy as it pulses through you and connects you to the Earth.

As this activates it will call in many of your parental races, who will begin showing up en masse. They love you dearly and will go to any extent to stay out of your way to allow your Game to move gently and naturally to the next level. There may be some, however, who will approach with great audacity and they will say, "We are here. We are back. We are here to help you move forward." Hold your power, dear ones. Although your natural curiosity will want contact with them, you do not need help. You hold much more power than you can possibly imagine. Are they the bad guys? Of course not. They are your parents in much the same way that some of your countries were first started by other countries. Hold them in respect and learn what they have to offer, yet remember that their highest hope in creating a race of humans was for that race to hold their own power in human form.

They will come to you with advanced technology. They will come to you with advanced intellect. They will come to you with knowledge of the universe that will help you tremendously. Some may tell you that they are here to save the day and to move humanity to the next level. Please understand, they are simply here to watch, because you have already saved the day. You have even altered their reality. And although most will sit in the background and wait quietly to be called upon, some of them will come right to the forefront and claim an illusive victory. You are the ones that created victory. Do not ever lose sight of that. Please do not give your power to anyone for you will use that power to create the hologram of the Third Earth.

The Crystal Energy will be used to Create the Hologram

The portals that are opening on Planet Earth now will connect you with realities instantly and you may never know what quadrant of the universe they are in, nor will it matter, for you will create the image of the Central Sun in this space.

The Central Sun is the first place of origin of physicality. It is the first place of the infinite energy becoming finite. You have been imprinted with the crystal energy which has been coming in from the sun in what you know to be solar flares. This energy has been storing in the Earth for several years. It has been building and will now provide you with the material to manifest this new hologram for the intentional creation of the new earth. This will help you and the Earth herself to form crystalline bodies. The Crystal Children will soon inhabit the Earth. They carry the imprints already, contained within their own DNA. Yours are advancing toward that now. Every time you see the master numbers on a clock face, every time you see certain imprints, every time you see the figure eight or the infinity sign, it is an imprint and trigger for your own DNA to begin the reconnection process. That is exciting! beyond belief, for you are advancing into the crystalline form. The crystalline form will allow you to move to the next level and create your own imprints. The hologram you now create in your own thoughts is the Third Earth that will create the new stage for the new you. The interesting part is that some of you will see it and some of you will not. For it will be of such a vibrational level that those of high enough vibration to see it will incorporate it readily. The rest will not fully see it at this time. It will take time, but you begin first by creating it. You begin first by understanding the process and helping others to adjust to it. These are the acts of a Human Angel.

As time goes forward there will be another breath of God. And at that point, the Earth will take on its original form and will once again become the library of the Universe. It was halfway there. It was well underway in the beginning, but the Planet of Free Choice meant free choice for all and the game took a turn. Now you have an opportunity to re-create that same library again. All it takes is to hold that pure thought in your own heart and intentionally send it to the hologram of the Third Earth.

The Magic of Three

You will see much about the number three in the very near future. Yes, there will be many who talk about different aspects of the Third Earth. Please know that all you see before you is made up of threes. It is the base number for creation, as all things are based on the triad. We are not the first to speak of this. All we wish to do is to offer you a different perspective of what this looks like and to share with you our excitement, our love, our energy, and to hold our wings out in front of you so that you can see yourselves the way you can only be seen from heaven. You are the masters of the Game Board, dear ones. You have created your wildest dreams and now you are starting all over again. It took six days to create the Earth and now you will begin counting backward in time to create the Third Earth. It has begun. You are doing it and you are doing it in a more grandiose fashion than you ever dreamt! of, for the hand of God is at work here. Dream your highest dream. Dare to step into that room with that golden chair. Dare to put yourself under that tree and overlook that lake. Dare to find yourself happy. Dare to accept your full abundance of all energy on all levels that you can. Turn around and share that and project it out and create the most beautiful place that you can create and you will have the Third Earth. It has begun. It can either be created as an intentional creation or it can be handed to you by default. The decision is yours now. It is moving faster than you can possibly know, for we tell you that many of the opportunities that were to happen in 2012 are already given to you. You have surpassed the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. You are now a higher vibration than ever dreamt of by your parental races. The possibilities are endless, dear ones. Claim your power. Step forward in every moment. Know that even what you see in front of you as turmoil on your planet can ! be healed by the smile on your face, for you are responsible for your reality and none other. Create that reality first and create it in your heart, which will create it all around you and on the Third Earth.

Lemuria Did Not Sink - Create in Unity

We tell you, the tales of Lemuria are confusing for most of you. The writings talk about Lemuria sinking into the sea itself and ending. It did not, dear ones. It ascended. It was such a simple, advanced society that the beings went forward to step into the next vibrational level to hold the door open for others to follow. It was a wonderful, beautiful experiment. It did not work the way they wished it to work, for the door closed very abruptly in the sinking of Atlantis. And even though it was done with great heart desire and great energy, there was a misdirection of energy, for some went ahead and some stayed behind, and we tell you that will never happen again. Even as it was offered from the heart, that act of selflessness added to separation and not unity. When you move into the next stage, all of you must move into the stage. That is why you have turmoil on your planet at this moment. There is ene! rgy that must be distributed in order for all of you to find a base on which you can build a base of love. Please do not put yourself down or ridicule yourself because there is war upon your planet. Things are playing out now. There will come a time when you will look back on these things and you will say: "Thank God that happened. We are so glad we do not have to go through that again." Step forward with it. Stand in your truth. Create the Third Earth in love and unity and from what you have learned as a result of all the negative energy that you have gone through. Take that negative energy which has dropped below the line of normal and use it in a positive form to create the Third Earth. Then you will have created a space that is sacred, for the Children of Crystal Vibration to enter. They will then help you move into that crystalline energy yourself, comfortably and quickly.

Dear ones, the task is at hand. You are up to it. Your beauty is beyond description, for you stand tall as the creators, the Masters of the Game Board. We can spread our wings to show you who you really are. Take the energy that you have this day. Take it from your sacred space and allow others to see it. When your space includes the beautiful Third Earth, you are inviting them into your sacred room. Share the dream.

It is with the greatest of honor that we touch your heart with only three re-minders. Treat each other with respect. Nurture one another other at every opportunity. Re-member that it is a Game, and you are supposed to be having fun. Play well together.


the Group

Be in Peace, Joy, and Abundance,

May the Universe Shower Abundance Upon You!


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