Take a flower into your day and see peace in your world.

2nd September, 2004

My dear ones, I AM Sananda, and I come to you today with a flower to share with all you encounter. This is a flower of love and beauty and one that will not wither off the vine, and that will bring plenty of sunshine and roses to the next person you share it with, and the next as well.

My pleasure this day is in sharing with you a story about a little girl and her formula for success. She carried with her a flower of gold and a flower of silk every day of her life. She shared them with those she encountered, and she was never without these flowers, for as soon as one left her hands, another sprang up in response to the light that filled her heart and quieted her soul in the face of the uprisings she came up against every time she turned around.

You see she was a visionary who toured the fields of battle. She took herself into the fray to spread some sunshine and love to all who served their country or their cause. She loved these ones who fought so valiantly for what they considered to be a just cause. She knew that they answered to a higher cause and that when they came to a turn in the road, they would then find that the cause they fought for was their own sense of purpose in the larger picture. She knew that they would someday find this larger cause and then they would lay down their arms and they would walk in peace forever more.

One day she gave herself a little time to rest before going into an especially violent battle. She felt the need to calm herself even more than she usually did. When she closed her eyes and called in the Father, she heard the voice of the Mother, calm and reassuring. She heard the words that whispered to her fright, and in those words she found that there would never be another battlefield in her life after the one she was about to enter.

She knew that with these words she would never again walk among the bullets and the cries of pain; she would never find the one who was lying in fear, and in need of comfort as he said goodbye to the strains of battle. She knew that the words that sang through her heart were the words she had been waiting for, for they were the words that would set humanity free from the turmoil and the fear that had followed them around through their lifetimes on this planet at the far corner of the galaxy and in the far reaches of the universe.

The words she heard that sang through her heart were these: You my child are the bearer of the beauty of life. In your innocence you have surpassed the worst and the best of life. You have given of yourself in a way that serves to represent the promise and hope that all who come your way can see. There is a grand ballroom awaiting you where you will dance with each and every one who has received a flower from you, for you have promised in the giving to dance through life with them in the promise of love and joy that is coming for all who walk on this earth and who live in this universe.

The voice went on to say that there is never going to be another tearstained face on earth, lest it be from gold jeweled tears of joy and love. There will never be another battle played out on the bloodstained fields of earth. There is never going to be a fearful goodbye thought in the minds of the soldiers as they lay dying. There is never going to be another goodbye to the beauty of the flower that is clutched in the hand of the one that holds the rifle in the other. There is never going to be another call to arms, except the arms that surround you in the love and comfort of the universal promise of keeping the secret of the ages from being just a wistful thought in someone?s mind.

You see, the secret of the ages is about to become widely known, and shall be a secret no more. When the sun comes round the bend in the next breath of freedom on earth, the secret will be revealed. I am telling you that secret now, so when you see it shining forth for all to see, you will have the flowers in a bouquet of beauty to show all who come to you that you saw their need and you came to show them who you are and why you are here.

You see my dear one, you are the rebirth of the feminine energy on earth and the re-emergence of the beauty in everything that is of the New Golden Age. You have been walking the earth for all this time to keep that promise alive and to give hope to all those who knew that the Mother is here and she is taking care of you. There is nothing that is grander than to see the sun coming up on a whole new day, and to see the smile of the Mother presenting to you the gold and silk flower of a brand new day in which to play and sing and love one another in the way of the family of God, and the joy of the universal order of the family of love.

The little girl opened her eyes and gave the flowers in her hand a tender touch. She raised herself to the fullness of her height and she walked out into the field of battle. She glowed with the love that her Mother gave her, and as she walked the petals of roses followed her in a glistening path that opened the fields of battle into a field of gentle sunshine and brave faces turned toward the sun.

Each face, alit with the love of the angels as the girl passed them by, turned and smiled at the visage before them. In each hand that matched the one with the weapon there arose a bouquet of flowers. The soldiers stared at the flowers and then turned their tearful faces to the sun. When they did so, they saw a vision of an angel that followed their gaze as they let their weapons fall to the ground. They knew that they had fought their last battle and that soon they would be in the arms of their loved ones, sitting in the Garden of Eden and loving the life they had been given.

This is the life that is just on the horizon, my dear ones. There is soon to be a tribunal of peace and love for evermore and with this tribunal you will know that the little girl with the flowers is among you in her glory and that she too will never see another battle, for she is walking among the flowers and embracing all of the soldiers as they lay in the arms of their loved ones. This is the beginning of the loving days on earth and it is to be forevermore.