St. Germain. May 6, 2004

There are many ways that we can bring into being the gifts that we hold for you. You have been told that the position is very fluid and changing at every moment. This is how it is, and to ensure the outworking of the plan, we have constantly revised it, and you should not think that we do otherwise. It has been done, so that in the immediate future we shall no longer rely or have the necessity of an announcement window such as NESARA. The benefits that we wait to give you are still safe, and I extend that comment to cover First Contact also, as you may be assured that no earthly action can stop or obstruct our plan indefinitely. We are able to manifest on Earth exactly what we wish, but we must ?play the game?, as we, unIike the dark, do not get our way by means that are in opposition to our belief and intention, that all shall be carried out in perfect Light and Love.

We have admired how resolute all of the workers and supporters of NESARA have been, there has been much admirable support from so many people. Your excellent work and the results you were intended to achieve, WILL be fully manifested, but now it will be in our time, and no longer do we have to tolerate the obstructive nature of the dark. We will now go ahead and events will quickly transpire that will allow First Contact to go ahead without delay. The protocol and method of introduction of your Brothers and Sisters from Space has been established for quite some time, and with Divine blessing we shall now proceed, and already approaches are being made to those who will be at the forefront of these activities, our Allies upon Earth.

You need our help now more than ever, we feel your heartache, your sorrow and even your despair at what is taking place on your planet earth. IT IS TIME for things to rapidly change, IT IS TIME for the first actions to establish peace on Earth. IT IS TIME for the dark forces to be removed from their places of power, we will no longer tolerate the abuse of your right to live in a secure and peaceful environment, where your every needs are supplied, where you are able to claim that which was always your divine right. The gifts we shall unveil are God given and no one can take these from you. There are wonderful events about to unfold, and wondrous times of great joy and happiness ahead. It is like the great feeling of release that you have when a war is brought to an end, and indeed this is exactly what is taking place, you are about to be released from the misery, the hurt, the uncertainty, and the unfairness of living under a hierarchy who have only known how to bring about chaos, unhappiness, death and injury upon your planet. The dark have had their day, it is now time for the new Earth to be born and quickly at that. All your darkness will be removed, the Light and Love is already shining through, we feel your joy already and we share it with you, you are in a historic time, release your ties with all that is negative, create another path, another reality that embodies all of the gifts we have promised you and shall place before you very shortly. Your friends from Space are very eager to play their part in manifesting all we have to give you, and have been waiting for this period of time for so long.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, you really are at the end of the cycle of the dark, their power is being removed, their influence is weakening each minute of the day. Take no notice of the last lashing of their tails, there is little more that they can do, and they know it. THEIR TIME IS UP, so rejoice and prepare for the news that we are about to come openly to you. We imbue you all with our Strength, our Love, our Will.