St. Germain on the Origin of Earth and Humans

The illusion that is your present reality is difficult for you to comprehend. Your 3D experience is real within the context of your five senses, as each one confirms that there is something around you that quite clearly exists, and that you interact with it at all times.

In the deep past, millions of years ago it was decided to create a place that would be home to a new breed of Being, the Hu-man Being. The planet Earth was designated to be that home, and as soon as it had cooled down, vast preparations took place to implant it with everything you were likely to need. In the early days there was only one large land mass on your Earth, and through various upheavals it has changed into its present configuration. It was seeded from other planets, and through bio-electromagnetic changes, the flowers and the fauna, the fish of the seas, and the birds of the air, were adapted from other planets to grow in your environment. It still took millions of years for the Earth to reach that point where it was ready for habitation, during which time it was carefully monitored to ensure it was developing as planned. Your planet was designated to be your Garden of Eden, and grew into one of the most colourful and beautiful ones ever created. Nature had found its balance and a most wonderful environment was born.

In the scheme of things, Hu-mans only came to Earth in relatively recent time and so the great experiment started. You must wonder where you had been, and where you came from, while all of the preparation were going on. You came from many dimensions, and were on your journey through them as you gradually descended into matter. Initially all was of a higher vibration than at present, and you were in a much lighter body than you are now. You still had a strong connection with your source, and knew that you had come from the Godhead, and you felt you could stay in your idyllic surroundings forever. But this was not to be, and elements were introduced that brought the first impetus for change from within. A certain amount of negativity occurred, and from that point onwards you slipped further and further into a more dense material vibration. Through this occurrence you began to lose your connection with your Godself, and began to forget your illustrious time in the higher dimensions. The experiment had begun in earnest, and as expected, you sunk deeply into the ways of material existence, and divisions started to occur. Your life span began to shrink and from living for thousands of years at a time. It came down to just hundreds of years, and now you find yourself fortunate if you live for even just a hundred years. You continued to create your various realities, but now it was not totally in your control, and you lost your memory of this latent energy.

Slowly but surely certain Beings amongst you reached out for a better understanding of their place in life. They sensed that they were part of a greater consciousness, and their desire for knowledge was answered. It was seen to be the appropriate time for Teachers to come to Earth, and periodically they came to lift you up. Your civilisation then went through many ups and downs, as the Children of Light clashed with those of the dark, and each had their periods of being in power. It has finally brought you to your present time, and now you see that the Light has won the battle for supremacy, and you are about to re-climb the ladder to the higher dimensions that you left so long ago.

Every one of you has been involved with many different civilisations, that have come and gone over several million years. Through this journey you have amassed tremendous knowledge of the material realms, and you will take it with you as you rise up, and teach others about it who have had no such experiences.

You came from the higher realms to experience the descent into the illusion of matter, and you have completed that cycle successfully. Now as you return to them, you will find each level will become finer and less dense, and eventually you find yourselves where your form will be composed purely of Light. You will have truly become co-creators with God.

You already feel the excitement and joy at knowing that your travels are coming to a close, and that you are making your way back into the Great Light. Your achievements are beyond measure, and I, St. Germain, bow before all of you illustrious Beings, you are indeed Gods incarnate.

I am St. Germain