St. Germain on Exciting Times Ahead

2nd September, 2004

How are you all today, are you getting excited as there is so much happening and is your expectancy very high? Patience has not always been one of your best attributes, as you are used to acquiring what you want in your time scale. From our point of view, everything has already been accomplished on the higher levels, and you are quickly drawing it down to yourselves. It is controlled in such a way that the events you are waiting for, will happen in a sequence that makes it easier for you to accept. We do not want you to be overwhelmed; yet at the same time we excitedly wait the opportunity to release you from your bondage. We know you will respond immediately to your new found freedom, and together we can tackle the various tasks that are to be carried out. The primary function will be to acquaint as many of you as possible, in the shortest time, as to what is taking place. Those of you that follow these messages and receive information from other sources are already primed. But large numbers of people will seek your understanding and assurance that there is nothing to fear. Lightworkers will have an important role to carry out, but have in fact already commenced the good work of spreading the news around. Clearly, there will come a time when what you are expecting to happen will be backed by irrefutable evidence that cannot be denied.

The scene has been set over a long time, as regardless of where you stand with your point of view, there has been this feeling, that something is about to happen. Many look to some event that will result in them being saved and although it will not be necessarily according to their beliefs, they will be able to recognise changes that are bringing about their release. The problem if anything, is that those dear people who are religiously inclined have their own teachings, that predict the end-times, such as the Revelations for Christians. They fully expect these to be fulfilled, whereas other events have taken over that mantle of responsibility, and they have been re-written. Once peace has been declared upon Earth, the truth will be beamed all around by your means of communication and systems that are so advanced, as to not yet be in your possession. Meantime, you can continue to prepare the way, and help people who are struggling to accept the Truth. Be kind, be patient otherwise you will cause fear and confusion. Humans still have a herd instinct, and they feel more comfortable when they are part of the whole that share the same beliefs. You have a saying that you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. There will be many who will not accept the Truth in the form it is given, and no pressure will, or should be, placed upon them to accept. You have as much time as you desire to evolve and choose your own path. However, this is a time when the decision must be made as to whether you wish to align yourself with the changes that are carrying Humanity forward to Ascension. No one is ever lost, and as much love and caring will be given to those Dear Ones, as anyone else. In their time they will also be lifted up, as all is in ascendancy and everything will eventually move forward in yet another cycle. Heaven provides for all situations so that you will not need to worry about the future for those who choose differently to you. Some of these will be your family and friends, so acknowledge their right to progress at a pace that suits them. They will have your Love to take with them, and in a distant future, you may yet come together again.

Decisions, decisions, yes you have so many to make, and what greater area of interest at present than your Presidential Elections. You will be the barometer for the rest of the world. Your decisions will affect everyone else and the results are awaited with baited breath. Will those who would have held back their vote because of lack of choice, now recognise a marvellous chance to record a vote for peace? It is to be hoped that what is now a stirring amongst people will gather momentum. And that you will show everyone that there is a democratic process that is a true reflection of what you want, and that it goes beyond personal gain. The world looks to the greatest nation to signal a change that will lead them to believe that there is hope and sanity, that will lead to a permanent stop to war. Without your backing those dreams will be shattered. We in the Heavens also wait for that movement in your consciousness, that will tell us you are ready to receive back your freedom, justice and sovereignty.

Everything is in the balance, yet you will know that we foresee an outcome that will bring that peace you yearn for, and it is so near to manifestation. But it has to be brought into being through your efforts, and then we can come in full glory and all will have great times. There will be a realisation that at last the past can be put behind you, and you will have won the battle, and won well.

I am St. Germain and I assure you that I am very active at such a time, as there is much to be organised in anticipation of the beginnings of a great leap forward. Keep focussing your Love and Light on all of the people involved in your elections, so that they may be held in Truth and allegiance to the Constitution. I was there when it was given to you; I will be there when it is returned. I Love you All, and keep you within my heart.

St. Germain