18th November, 2004, St Germain and Lord Enki


My dear ones, because of the large amount of information that is forthcoming at this time, there is to be a double message which will come at a time when there is more available time for this one to write the communications. Therefore this message will be given out, and another will follow before the day is over. I AM St Germain and I together with Enki am standing on the bridge of the New Jerusalem, and we are openly covering the events of the delegations of detainees as they come on board this ship.

We wish to say at this time that there is an ever increasing number of ones who have stepped forward and are giving themselves over to our cause, for they have seen that it is within their best interest to do so. This is in keeping with the mercy that is available to those who are able to see the sweetness of our light, and the forgiveness of the justice that is prevalent at this time.

When we began this exercise this morning on earth, we did so with a great amount of freedom to come and go as we needed. With this freedom, we were able to accommodate many more passengers than we had originally thought, and in this lies the gratitude that we all are experiencing. This is indeed a momentous occasion, for there has never been this kind of response to the light and the offer of clemency for all concerned who come willingly, and with the feeling of justice that rings throughout their hearts.

My dear ones, there are very many who are involved with this exercise, and with their co-operation we are smoothly rewarding the ones who come with gladness in their hearts and tears on their faces. So many are feeling the relief of freedom from the oppression under which they have been living and operating for so long. Theirs has been a gift of light that is shining forth and covering all who are within their spectrum. So great is their love of themselves and of The Creator, that in an instant upon receiving the mercy of the Supreme Creator, they have shed all of the shadows that kept them captive, even from their own light and innate wisdom as to who they are, and what they are here to do.

My dear ones, emotions well up in this one?s heart as she records these words for all posterity. She is seeing that the remorse and feelings of sorrow and confusion she experienced yesterday, was but the tuning in to the overwhelming response that these ones who are here now, and continue to come, gave forth upon hearing of the offer for clemency. This offer caused in multitudes the feelings of release of all the years that they had been in captivity by the ones who would seek to control the world and all those within as well as on the surface. This one is feeling today the peace and joy that is interspersing the continuance of the release of those still on earth and readying themselves for the mercy that shall set them free.

My dear sweet ones, I am overcome along with all of you to see this response to our offer. There is no greater time in this plan than this time when we are seeing all of these beautiful souls shed themselves of this shadow life. They have worked long and hard for this time, and now in the Supreme Justice of the Lord our God there is a statement of the beauty that comes from knowing oneself and singing with the angels the tune of everlasting bliss.

It is a wondrous sight we see here and as the ones stream in from the surface of the earth, we are hearing the chorus of angels that are reveling this momentous time in the history of the earth and her flight to justice and mercy. It is crowned with the joyous gratitude that the knowing of the Light can bring, and that is the knowledge that no matter what the injustice on the earth, there is a Supreme Justice that prevails and brings all home to the arms of the Creator.

Lord Enki is crying now as he holds so many of his children in his arms and comforts them. He holds the light for all of them and he is seeing now that there is nothing that is more powerful than the love of the Supreme Creator. He knows that all of the strife and all of the attempts to subvert the light were but mere instances of amnesia and the illusion is fading away into the annals of yesteryear to make way for the present Golden light of everlasting truth of the love that is all powerful and almighty.

We leave you now for a short time, for this one does not know at this moment, but will become aware momentarily of another task she is to do. She will return and the message will be completed. Till then, we continue to welcome to our arms the children of the earth who are coming in droves to this ship and seeing their Light shining forth from our eyes and into theirs.

Thank you dear Master St Germain and Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate



Message from The Hon. Fenton Gorge


My dear ones, I would like to invite a certain member of the aristocracy of the British Empire to come forth and give us a message in how to run a country with the aplomb of a leader and the love of a Master. I would like to invite St Germain to step forward and give us his assessment of what is taking place at this moment in the halls of the White House. I AM his ambassador in this matter at this moment, and I would like to introduce myself. I am pleased to be here, and I Am The Honorable Fenton Gorge, who is residing at this moment in the seventh hierarchy of the republic of the unified League of Nations in the constellation of Sirius.

I first came to your earth in the time of King George the second, and in that time I served as the leader of the fascist movement in other countries, as it was in its infancy. I was honored to represent the country of my birth, for it was in that country of England that I was first exposed to the direction of the communist party.

You may be saying now, why is he speaking to us of these matters and why is he representing himself in this way.

I wish to say at this time, that I am aware of what has been taking place, and in this I see the patterning that has led you all to this point. I am able to see that through the history of this world there have been those who supposed themselves to be of powerful persuasion, and in this light, they caused great anarchy and destruction. I am able to see also how what I did in my lives on earth, I contributed to many of the atrocities that plagued the human race. I am also able to see how if none of that had happened then we would not be seeing the tremendous beauty of personage that is flowing into not only the ship the New Jerusalem, but into other huge motherships as well.

If we had all been good little boys and girls and upheld our supreme Deity through all of this, we would still be in kindergarten as a race of Universalists who are still going along in the same kind of energy of stagnation that was threatening to overcome us millions of years ago. With the onset of this plan on earth, we have acquired an energy of upliftment that has never been experienced in our whole expression of The Creator.

Now I would like to take this one step further and explain why I opened this message as I did. There is a coming time when I will be standing before you at the side of St Germain and Sananda, as well as many others who have given you their assistance and their love through all this. Now it is upon you all to find out what there has been done behind the scenes, so to speak, and to show you the power you have as sovereign beings to bring an end to the ministrations of anarchy that are in their last stages.

There is an overflowing of light that is accompanying these ones who go to the light in their physicalness. Some go in their wholeness of spirit, as they have chosen to present their example to the world of how far man can go away from the love that he is. These are some of the true heroes, for they bring to this plan a final washing of the blood from the hands of those who have died and taken lives in the name of the exploits on earth and the tremors of terror that have run through the hearts of all.

I now appeal to you to see the larger picture as so many of us have. We have seen how our parts in this have given rise to the battered and broken souls who are now standing and sleeping in the arms of The Creator. They are alive and they are overflowing with the love of their own existence. There is no absence of light in Heaven, and when you all experience your ascension and remain on earth, you will see once and for all how grand your performances have been.

There is no more time for the anarchy of the past, for the energy of this planet will not support it. It is over, and the time is now for the final sweep of the golden broom of love and justice and forgiveness and gratitude for the journey of each and every one of you has been joyous and welcome music to my ears and we are in the final passages of the growing up of mankind.

I now expound more on the statement I made about St Germain. He is going to be in a position to be of considerable assistance in the new coming of an equitable and just governing system on earth. There will be those who will be participating, and in the initial stages, all those who are living on earth at this time, and have stepped up to be a part of this new beginning will be working elbow to elbow, heart to heart with the Masters who have been working with this new beginning for so long. I too will be there, and you will recognize me as one that you know who is presently walking the earth, and taking my stand to be one who works in a leadership capacity into this new Golden Age.

I leave you now, and I invite you all to your new life, for it is grand and it is glorious, and it is yours.

Thank you, dear Honorable Fenton Gorge,

Love, Nancy Tate