Message from St. Germain

28th of June, 2004

I have to address once again the subject of compassion. It is because you are about to witness some mind shattering events, that will leave the vast majority of people in a state of shock. Already you are beginning to understand, how those you have trusted with your well-being have badly let you down. Soon you will learn the full extent of the way you have been manipulated, and used as pawns in the games of the dark. Not everyone has developed sufficient understanding of the Light and the dark, to be able to handle the revelations that will come out. You are in a stage of evolution where your emotions are strongly felt, and you find difficulty in controlling them. There is inevitably going to be a backlash against those who will be revealed as the power behind the activities of the dark. What we ask you to do with all sincerity, is to stand back before you condemn or call for harsh punishment. Know that you have laws of the land that will quite readily handle the situation, and also the greater laws of Heaven that will address the crimes against Humanity. Great compassion will be necessary if you are not to lower yourselves to the level of those who will eventually come to be despised.

We ask a lot of you, because it will be necessary for gentle voices to exert a calming influence over those who would be pulled along with demands for action outside of your laws. You must abide by your own law otherwise you will have anarchy, and it will eventually destroy the fabric of society. Instead, be uplifted by seeing the victory of the Light that will be the sign that great changes are about manifest all across your world. The ramifications will be widespread and people will begin to understand their power to clean out their own cupboards and bring their dark secrets into the open. There will be a great time of learning, as you try to understand how the dark were able to manipulate you for so long. But more importantly, you will begin to recognise those people who are ready to step forward and take up positions of power, that they will use on your behalf in a fair and honourable manner.

Reflect on the fact that without the dark forces, you would not have had the need to continually re-access your attitudes. Whether to accept or reject what had been taking place on your World. The dark has forced you to look at a reflection of yourselves. Through that, you have decided that you will no longer give your power to those thoughts which have been discordant and brought negativity to Earth. What you have done is achieve victory, through an enormous feat of determination to lift yourselves out of the dark, which you have created over millennia of time. The Light now pours upon Earth and there is no hiding place for the dark, it is being transmuted at a fast rate and our hearts are gladdened to see so many of you moving into that Light. It is truly a wonderful sight to see it creating a great grid of positive energies around your Earth, as you draw upon this Light and get stronger by the second.

Dear Ones, there will be a lot of recriminations when the Truth comes out, but please remain calm. By all means understand what has previously taken place to bring you to this point in your evolution. But remember, you have gone through this particular cycle for your spiritual advancement and understanding. Someone had to play the roles of the villains, and believe me, that over thousands of lifetimes you have also played many parts where you have succumbed to the dark. There is no shame in this, otherwise how would you learn, and after all God gave you freewill to experience whatever you chose. You find it difficult to understand that God judges no one, and sees his children as equal in Love and Light. But you too must aspire to be God-like, to be loving and forgiving. Those who are responsible for your recent demise, can and will return to the Light, it is just that they have for the meantime forgotten who they really are; also Beings of Light.

Start by forgiving yourselves of your past demeanours, and then forgive those of the dark, with your love and compassion. You will do them a great service and help them once again find their path of Light. It does not matter how much you become involved in the dark, there is always a way back, and until all come fully into the Light, this cycle is not truly completed.

I am St. Germain, who has worked very closely with you at a physical level so I am aware of how hard you have worked to bring Light to Earth. How your success enabled you to create the future that now beckons, and that is of full credit to every single one of you. Yes, you have all contributed at some time or another, to the powerful energies that have overcome the dark. You are now ready for that quantum leap forward that shall take you to your time of Ascension.

The Brotherhood of Light, are well pleased with your growth and understanding of the great time you are in, and your ability to respond in a way that assures you of your exalted place in the Light. You have truly worked miracles. The finishing tape is in sight, keep your focus on the prize, and know that I am with you every step of the way. I enfold you in my everlasting Love.