Message from St. GERMAIN

25th May, 2004

Any time you feel despondent about the affairs of the world, remember that thousands of individuals and thousands of groups are working in the Light to bring enlightenment to you. They work often without any acknowledgement, as most Lightworkers are usually quite humble about their activities. This is the main difference between the Light and the dark, one requires little recognition to be successful, whilst the other has to form cabals of great power and influence as they need to dominate from a position where they have control over you. Because of this you can see what is happening before your very eyes, yet many accept it as part of their life without question.

Fortunately so many of you are now becoming aware of how you are manipulated and used, and you are rightly demanding accountability from those in authority. This is the way to topple the dark forces, as they cannot handle the Light and the more they wriggle and squirm, the more it becomes obvious as to what they have been up to. The dark will lie and cover up their activities, threaten and even murder those who are in their way, but the bigger their reaction the more their methods and aims are becoming patently obvious.

You must keep the pressure on them, as the cracks are rapidly appearing in their armour. Soon there will no hiding place, and the truth of their agenda will come out and there will be no lack of people prepared to testify against them. You must re-claim your power and your rights that have been seriously eroded over the last few centuries. See beyond the window dressing, see beyond the platitudes and false promises meant to lull you into a false sense of security.

There is power in numbers, and the truth can be spread so quickly even just by word of mouth. It is up to you as to whether you now tip the scales that little bit further and exercise your right to dispatch from office those who have shown themselves to be working against your interests. You have started to alert people to the great need for change without delay, and there is a good response, do not be diverted from your goal, and do not let the dark succeed with further fear tactics.

My Dear Ones, you surprise us at times with your perception, and determination to once and for all sweep the rubbish and filth away. We of the Brotherhood of Light are right behind you and add our strength to yours. There is no stopping your progress from this point onwards, there is a wonderful energy that is growing so fast it is encompassing the whole world, it is a marvelous sight for us to see. We wish you could too, but you ?feel? it all around you and it is uplifting and calming. Call on the Light to assist you in whatever you are doing, it is there for you, but claim now. Hold your head up high for you are winning the battle to fully manifest Light upon your beautiful home, planet Earth.

Very soon you will be assisted to restore Earth to all of its previous beauty and splendour as great forces of Light await the signal to openly come to you, and I refer to First Contact. This is a real opportunity for you to go forward in leaps and bounds, but certain events will have to occur before it becomes a reality. The coming of your long time friends from Space is dependent on a public disclosure of the cover-up of their existence, and we are supporting the people behind this movement. It will happen, and the events that are building up to their crescendo will finally release you all from bondage to the dark.

The celebrations will soon start, and we in the Heavens will rejoice with you, it has been a long journey and it must now end. Hold your heads up high, give yourselves a pat on the back as soon you will find out the great Truth of your travels through duality, and will marvel that you have come through it to be victorious. It is truly a wonderful time to be on Earth and although you may not see it immediately you are privileged to be here to experience first hand the elation and excitement that is about to explode all around you. You are going to be released from the dark and go completely into the Light.

I cannot express how much Love we send to you, but know we are with you all of the time. We are aware of your thoughts, your every needs and are helping you all to work towards the time of fulfillment

I am St. Germain ever at your side, let us share the great Light that is blossoming, and spread it to every corner of the Earth.