Message from St. Germain

24th of June, 2004

This morning I wish to bring to you an update as to the events that you all are waiting for. I AM St. Germain, and I come to you through this one with a grand plan, and a how-dee-do to you.

This is the time in the history of the world when grand events are shaping up, and the incidences of abuse are increasing. What I say to you this day is that according to the rules of the Geneva Convention and the rules of man, there is no precedent on which these incidences may take place.

However, according to the Laws of Nature, there is precedence. When these kinds of happenings occur there is an energy that is set up. This energy has an imprint of celestial regard that speaks to the resonance of the ones who would come and interfere with the events that are taking place that originate these events.

At this time, there is a grand assembly in the heavens that is coming to an agreed course of action. We have seen this stepping up of resonance to mean that there is soon to be a glorious seeping out of the garbage of the past for all of you, and a resulting clear tone will be heard from all of mankind.

We are not going to presume to tell you when on earth time that will be, for as you all realize that is according to the ongoing actions that you collectively make. According to the law of the land, you must take certain steps and follow certain criteria before you pursue certain approaches with people who commit the breaking of earth laws. This is set up in order for the control of the chaos that could result, and as well for the interest of certain parties.

Now it is in your interest to take to heart the laws of nature and the universe and remember from where you originate. This is a supreme choice you have, and one that in some cases may bear a certain amount of courage to step out from behind certain doors that have been closed.

What I suggest is that you come to terms with your choices in this matter, and see that what you can do is to continue to see the light in all concerned. When this is done there is a certain resonance that rings forth and carries a power so profound as to change the very nature of what precipitated it in the first place.

This is not to say that suddenly the occurrences of abuse will not have happened on earth. However it does mean that those occurrences will lose their charge in the higher planes and will no longer have influence on the interceding frequencies of the forward moving of your world.

To translate, this means that there will no longer be the drag on the increase of frequency that is now taking place. The resultant release will allow the resonance to step up and carry forth to a manifestation of joy and peace. The free flow will carry with it a potential for a peace in the land that has not been felt for eons.

Please understand that there is no judgment here. I speak of the laws of the dynamics of the universe. I speak of that which has evolved over the course of experience and has set up a standard of influence that results in the motivating energies of matter as well as the manifestation of matter. This is a given, when certain energies are employed, and you all have influence on this when you make choices in your lives.

The choices you make are influenced by the choices that come about through the laws of nature. They are also influenced by how your egos respond to certain stimuli. When your choices are in line with the laws of nature, then miracles happen. Some of the laws of nature are Love, Truth, The Word, and Light. When intent and choices spring from these laws, then a society is molded in these laws. Events that have come about from the laws outside of the universe are steeped in the events that carry you away from those laws of nature, and further into the separation that you perceive yourselves to be living in.

We realize that many of you know you are not separate. We realize that when just a few more of you come to that knowing then you will find your world to be a much different world. We see that is very close to being the reality of earth society. We are supporting that in every way we can, for it has been a long ride for you, and the road has been well traveled. We have been with you throughout, and now we are about to join you once again on earth to walk beside you and take your hands in love and gratefulness for what you have accomplished.

This is a far more splendid world that you are about to experience and help to mold than it has been your experience in the history of earth. Starting right now you are contributing to that mold, by achieving the utmost that you can consciously do in the interest of bringing that new world into reality.

It need not be a burden, but a source of pleasure and stimulation for you. The formula is to simply live your life in the energy of love and to bring a peace of mind to every moment. In doing that ideas spring forth that provide the inspiration for the work of the Divine. In that work comes the saturation of earth society with Divine steps that create a world of forward moving with harmony and in the interest of all.

We also realize that many of you are in a position where it is a challenge to bring yourselves to this state of being. We say that you are capable of that, even if it means that for one moment an hour you feel it, then another and another till suddenly it is the way you are. That is the way to make it happen, for it is right there where you are every moment. You are so powerful! You are the creators of all you see, and what can help is for you to see the beauty that is around you, and to realize that you have created this beauty from the God within, and in your gratitude for the beauty in God?s world.

We know that you are capable of performing miracles just with your thoughts. Make those thoughts reflect the love and the beauty in your hearts, and water those flowers with the gratitude that you feel.

All is well within your beautiful beings. We love the way you shine forth your light and create your rainbows of color. It is a wonderful promise you give to yourselves and we stand ready to assist with your forward marching through the avenues of time.

Blessings to you all!