Message from ST GERMAIN

11th June 2004

You cannot imagine in your wildest dreams exactly what the future holds for you. When you came down through the higher realms to experience in these dense physical vibrations, you experienced many different levels. But the lower you were drawn into these vibrations, the more your memory faded until you finally forgot who you were. It is now time to 'wake up' and slowly but surely your consciousness is expanding and you are touching the truth of your being. You are developing a sense of your power; a sense of your greatness and it is easier for teachers such as myself to impress you with more truth. You have been told many times that you are Gods, and this in its simplest terms means you are co-creators with God. As you return once again to the higher dimensions, so your power returns to you and you will use it in many different ways. Of course you have limitations that enables creation to keep in balance, yet in the ultimate you could create your own Universe. You can see from this that you cannot just be let loose in an uncontrolled way, but once you are doing God's Will, all will continue as it always has done, in perfect order. At present you are creating the energies that are drawing your new reality to you, it is a meeting of energies that must eventually express themselves. There are of course a multitude of energies coming together, and you are helped in a way that ensures your creations manifest for you. It is like choosing your colours for a painting; you have sketched in your outlines and have a paint-box of colours that have already been brought together for your use. You are the artist and use other people's materials to achieve your result.

Your future is one where you enjoy ecstatic beauty, and colours in ranges beyond your present comprehension. You can enjoy a peace unparalleled to anything you have ever experienced, and the soothing music of the spheres. More than anything, you feel the energies that are around you in such a way that you recognise their qualities. Words are inadequate and cannot convey the wonders that are beyond your present senses. To be in such a Oneness is your natural home, and this too you will create. By your power of thought you will create around you all that gives you pleasure and delight. As you look around you on Earth, you see many beauties, and even in what to us is a limited range of colours, you see wonderful combinations. What you see is a pale reflection of what you are about to enter, as you make your way into the vibrations of the new Earth. Some people have seen the crystal cities in the sky, they have already had visions of what is hardening out, what is being created at this very time.

I have only touched upon the continual process of creation, it is always fluid and can change from second to second. Everything that has ever been created still exists in thought, in the same way that everything that has ever happened is still recorded in the ethers. Life is like a storybook without an end, but you are both the writer and all of the characters. You will experience all facets of your own creations. To a lesser degree this is what you experience through successive lives upon Earth. This is why you are told that 'what you do unto others you do unto yourself'. The Laws of Life are quite simple in reality, and it truly is 'as above, so below'. The Earth has been your wonderful playground, where like children you have learnt how to get on with one and another. And like school, you have had your teachers and guides to help you grow up, and accept responsibility for your actions. You are now at that stage where you are about to graduate, and this will really be a most marvelous and unforgettable occasion. The celebrations are already starting, and there will be singing and dancing in the streets. You have come so far to reach this time of going forward, and we will make sure it is a most memorable time for you. You will soon forget the trauma and pain you have experienced; these memories will be replaced by ones that are the creation of the energies of Love. There will come a time when you will look back, and see your experience in the cycle of duality was but a blink of your eye.

Start now and leave your negative experiences behind you. You have no need or purpose to dwell upon them. You have taken out of them that which will serve you well in the future. Let the future embrace you now, accept the gifts of the Creator, that you have surely earned through your determination to succeed and achieve your goal. You are about to take a big step upwards; you planned it that way when you boldly took up the challenge of physicality.

If you can feel the elation that we do, you will be able to view what is happening upon Earth now with detachment from the negativity. Its energy is nearly spent, let it go and also follow its path that will lead nowhere, except to a dead end. The glorious Light that is growing day by day is slowly transmuting it; simply leave it to its own fate.

I hope to have lifted your spirits and helped you to envisage a most fantastic future that awaits you now, and is so near. Live your Love fully, as I live mine. Give your Love to everyone you see, brighten someone's day with a smile or kind word, it does work wonders.

Thank you so much St.Germain