St. Germain's messages

October 23rh 2004

There is a great expectancy in the air, as for some time now you have been prepared for events that would immediately reshape the future of the world. You see things coming to a head and you know something has to give way very shortly. There are so many different energies that are converging with each other, some are of a like kind, but others are in direct opposition and this is where the sparks will fly. There is a battle for supremacy that will be decided, but as it has already been fought in the higher dimensions, the outcome will be a victory for Light as we have forecast for so long. Never doubt the result, and know the dark are in retreat and no matter what they plan and try to manifest now, it will be a failure. They are so desperate, that they will seize any chance to cling to their power, but it will not be so and they will not succeed.

Your Government made a deal with the Greys to allow them bases upon Earth, and freedom to carry out abductions and cattle mutilations in exchange for technological advancement. Their personal power was enhanced by this agreement, whereas during this period the Earth could have been given a great boost by the sharing of it. Instead where great progress should have been made, there has been very little and you have in fact been held back. But for that, you would by now have overcome many of the major problems that beset your Earth. The Greys have also had designs upon taking you over, but remember that all through this period we have closely monitored events. There were always limitations placed upon the degree of interference that was allowable, and well over the last 50 years that will be seen to be so. You are never entirely left to your own devices to combat the dark, and their activities have been held in check when necessary. There is a large degree of Karma tied in with these events, and one day very soon, you will be told of your ties with certain groups of ETs. There are strict laws that even the dark are sometimes caused to honor, and they knew that if they did not, they would be removed. I tell you this so that you understand that there is no need to fear the Greys. In fact, in the course of time you will get to know them differently, and find that they are very much like yourselves. Within your Solar System you have many benevolent friends such as the Venusians, who have also had a hand in your evolution, and there are others who also work mainly from the higher dimensions.

The wonderful time of reunion is very near, and when you meet your Space friends you will instantly know those who are of your origin. Indeed, many meetings will be between groups who have worked together previously, and supported each other through their experiences. The Love and support they give you, comes from millennia of association and service to each other. There are strong bonds that exist that draw you back to your heavenly roots, and once released from the Earth?s lower vibration you will have no difficulty in identifying them. For too long, you have been unaware of your true potential and your place in the Cosmos. You have been kept in your lower consciousness for so long, that you have almost forgotten how to reclaim your higher consciousness. The path to it is has been prepared, and a distinct upturn in your awareness is now noted. For our part we have gradually re-introduced you to the idea of your Higher Self and your true Spiritual background. You have begun to see beyond your programming by the dark, which was intended to keep you in ignorance and under their control. You are about to reclaim your sovereignty, and once you have done so, everything else will fall into place.

Life upon Earth can be so terribly complicated, and so trying as you live in the false belief that you are unworthy and ungodly. You have been taught that you are sinners, but I say it is time to throw off these burdens and take your place in the Light. See yourselves for what you really are, that is Gods in the making and do not feel embarrassed to live that belief. Feel your greatness return, and look outwards and see others the same as yourself, and share your Love because you have an abundance of it beyond your understanding. It is yours and you must reclaim it back as you grow once again into the great Light Being you really are, and always were.

No longer can the dark hold you back, and it is your Light that is your strength and power. They have no answer to it, and it matters little what the outcome is of your Presidential Election, or indeed if it takes place at all. The battle for control of your minds has been lost by them, and they fear your new found realisation, and they know that you will succeed where they shall fail. Things will become chaotic for a short while, but within all that happens is a Divine Plan that is working out and will come to fruition regardless of these events.

It is more important than ever that you keep your heads held high, and as I have said many times, keep your focus on your goal. Never lose sight of the finishing tape, as you are almost there and it only needs a few more strides to make it. Feel the positive energies all around you, rise above those that are negative, and they will do you no harm. Let those who wish to follow another path go their way, it will not be yours. If it all seems unreal, and is moving too fast for you, take time out to absorb what you are being given, find that connection with your Higher Self. It is there, and has never been away from you, IT IS YOU.

I am St .Germain and feel your confusion and desire to understand the times you are in, so lift yourselves up into the Light and you will have my protection also. I wish to hold you near to me, to place my arm around your shoulders, you have done so well to keep your sight on your goal. There are many like me that now draw close to you, as it is time for the past to be put behind you as your new future unfolds. I bless you all, and channel the Love of our Creator God to you all, as ALL are equal in God?s Kingdom.