St. Germain's messages

October 6th 2004

I tell you that you have won the battle against the dark, and you look around you and yet you cannot see the signs of victory. The reason is that as the Light grows the dark struggles and refuses to accept defeat. Each time you increase the Light even more, and once again the dark respond by increasing their activities. It could go on forever, but it will not because the forces of Light are always in the ascendancy, and will continue to go on well after the dark have been defeated. Do you realise that I am saying that the dark can never win the battle, it does not matter how long it goes on. Fortunately, the changes that you have been told about, that will bring peace to the world are near to fruition. It is time to reveal the strength of the Light and by divine decree it shall be so. There has always been a plan for the end-times and you have all known this to be so. Because of its magnificence and importance, it is a period of time that many souls wish to experience. You have been preparing for Ascension for millennia of time. Knowing that as you claimed back your consciousness, you would place yourself in preparation for that great event. It has been a hard journey, and you have faced challenges all along the way. Now you face the biggest one of all, to keep your Light focussed upon the events of the world without giving the dark the power that would sustain them. Your collective Light is producing a powerful force for good, that is transmuting the negative energies around you. In so doing, you create a wonderful grid of Light that encompasses the whole world, and others can draw upon it. Can you doubt the outcome of your endeavours, as every contribution to the Light adds to its strength? As we see your Light from the higher dimensions, it gloriously flows into the ethers and far into space. It is a signal to other life-forms that Humanity is finding its place in the Cosmos, that Humanity has come of age and ready to re-unite with its family of ancient times. All is connected, and at this time you attract the attention of those dear Beings who have waited for eons of time, for this opportunity to meet you once again. The reunions will take place very soon, and your connection with them will become clear. Many of you will join them and continue your evolution in your chosen reality, as everyone will according to their individual plan. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by coming together with those that are inexplicably linked to you, and shall continue to be so. There have been times when you have been cut off from all knowledge of your links with other Beings, and you have felt the loneliness that is natural when you are away from your family. But now all of that has changed, and as your consciousness expands, so you begin to feel those links being made once again.

You are not your body; you are marvellous Beings of Light that are unaware of your greatness. You all volunteered to experience the duality of dark and Light and have grown in stature as a result. What you have performed is a remarkable service to Beings everywhere in the Cosmos, who will also be able to benefit from your experiences. Remember that you have served the Light by also taking the part of the dark, and recorded in the Akashic records are all of the lives that you have ever had. We ask you to have compassion for those who are causing you to push the Light further ahead, by showing you the extremes that Man can go to when he is not aligned with the Light. You have to confront the dark, but not with anger or hate and know that it will eventually respond to the Light. It is possible for the soul of every mortal Being to be able to find their God spark within, and return to the Light. It is already happening, and you would be surprised to know how many well known people have suddenly seen the Light . There is a snowball effect, and as the Light gathers its momentum, it increases at ever-faster rates. And so it is with individuals that are able to assimilate more energy, and open their higher chakra points. You are returning to that level of consciousness that you held before you descended into matter. You are truly great Beings.

Much is happening upon your Earth just now, and I promise you that the next few weeks are going to be quite eventful. But look beyond the outer happenings, as some are a means to an end that will see the Light triumphant. The stage has been set and the actors are well rehearsed, and remember that the Creator is the Director of the play. You are assured of a happy ending, and in spite of all outward appearances, you know this is to be so. Go about your life with joy knowing that you nothing to worry about, that all is provided for you and that you will lack nothing at all. Hold your faith true and steady and know that YOU HAVE WON.

Let your assurance carry you forward, knowing that nothing can now stop the Plan from manifesting all of the benefits that are due to you. As always the timing has to be correct, and this is why the events will happen when you might least expect them.

I am St. Germain and come to give you a boost that will enable you to stand back and keep your composure and assurance. It is important that you hold your focus on your goal, and no one else?s. We say many times that together we are victorious, and there is truly strength in numbers. I am with you all of the way, and my Love is also yours to call upon, as it is with my Brothers and Sisters. You are never alone, and many are with you and protect you as you carry out the Father?s work.

The Love of the Creator embraces each and every one of you. You Are All One, and so shall it remain for all eternity. Go your way knowing that you are Gods in the making. Allow yourself to understand your Light, which is connected to the Godhead at all times. Be that which you are, and Heaven will applaud you.