Mother Gaia speaks

Man, mountain, and water shall be one again. They shall sing in chorus and in unison once again. The mountains and the hills shall rejoice and the oceans shall resound in great abundance. I stand in grateful receipt of your offerings to the life that abounds in the soil that lies beneath the soles of your feet and in the skies that are above. Offerings to restore and to heal to bring back into fullness of life that which lies at the brink of extinction. Those of you who come at this time , I will ask of you that you take a step further and send the cry out far and wide to call in the others that would also in this moment in their hearts, feel the pull, the drawing to come at a time when they stand at the brink of drawing their last breath and drinking their last sip of poisoned and embittered waters that take the years from the very lives that you lead. Know you not that that your great drilling and earth moving machines and massive weapons of warfare have brought repetitive concu ssion and waves of irreprehensible shock to my heart and soul. How much longer my children will you allow this to continue? I aknowledge the remnant of you that have stepped forward in this hour to return to the ways of the spiritual ones that recorded and preserved the ancient ways that were given to you ages ago. The young of the land, the ones that are children among you are in deed and in truth the ones that shall lead you home. Bring them into your ceremonies, bring them at once, let their voices be given place and heard across the lands. You know of the ones that I speak of. They are the lifeforce that is true and in resonance with my heart beat. They are the silver cord that is yet unbroken. They have heard and they have known and they have seen what has been and they know what lies before. They must lead and you must follow the example that they would lay before you. It is for them and you that i pause for at this moment. But I will not pause much longer for my present state does not permit me to do so. The legalities and the lays of your governments are not what holds you back my children . What holds you back is that you do not hold steadfastly to who you truly are in relationship to me and to your brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers of the stars and who you are to each other. Those from the stars that brought you into being and into physical form and those who have walked at your side throughout the ages. Know who you are and bring yourselves into connection now. For i remind you that a pause is just a pause, a moment of hesitantcy. Not a moment of indefinent waiting. I wait no longer . Hear me now and hear me at once, for I will not speak of this again.

It matters not what name that you affix to me or to one another. For we are all one. You are one with all aspects of creation. Plants,trees, animal, bird and marine life, and the conduits of mountains, streams, lakes, and oceans are in oneness with you. These all constitute the order of creation. Where is the sacred honor that binds you all together? There is fracture my children, there is much fracturing and the result being the severing of the cord of life that runs throughout is what you put at great risk in this hour. It is of absolute imperitive essence that you bind up, mend, and restore that which is fractured while you yet may. For to truly love as your being so eloquently exhibits, requires the reinstitution of the sacred honor in the consistancy of the cord that binds you all together. One without the other declares that wholeness cannot be. Healing that you seek only sees completion when that sacred honor is in place.

I will now address the sacred lands. All the land is sacred. There are however points upon my surface that emminate my heart energy from the core of my being. These points are in symetrical balance, one to another and each in relation to the whole. These are in like symetry with points in my protective layer which you know as your atmosphere. If any one of these points is disturbed, altered, or damaged from their original created state all the other points and the whole of all the points is affected and a condition of imbalance begins to occur. throughout your history there have been keepers of my heart energy among your indigenous peoples that knew and kept the ancient knowledge and ways that understood the significance of these points and their function in the sustenance of life force energy throughout the fabric of creation. They guarded these points as sacred land and now you know why. When their words and respect were subjugated consequently was the life force of all elements of creation afflicted. Their respect of the sacred lands was not some mere belief or superstition but was based on vital instructions that preserved harmony and balance that was designed with absolute precision into all of creation. All my children must understand this and adhere to and teach it always. Make this return to sacred ceremony in your endeavors to heal and restore this sphere which sustains you.

You have wounded my heart and soul beyond measure. It is not my custom to speak with you in this manner, but my love for you my children goes beyond expression and it is only through love that there was made the way for me to pause and extend to you my plea. It was not my intent to do so but that intent was not final. Do not wait my children; do not look outside yourselves. Do not look at events. Do not look at your watches and calendars. Cease from your meaningless questioning and simply look within. Honor the sacredness in one another and in every element and aspect of creation. And you honor me in so doing. This is where the healing and return to wholeness begins. And I leave you now in knowing that it is.