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The phi-male balance

Hologram given to me by Gaia at new-year's meditation.


The tree of the cosmos with the above in the top circle.

(The big-bang in the middle.)




Divine (Coherine) geometry from our mono-polar view (a start).
"Backwards reality has ended", st. Germain.

(Click the minus for the old situation, click the plus to see our present & click the o to go to o.)

Whenever you dream you're holding the key, it opens the door to let you be free. RJD

Black Madonna = Isis

(One can ask Baba for a Rajasa initiation.)

SolarLotus: NESARA'R'US!

  The Dark share our victory!


Wingmakers are here & the Arcturians on healing time-lines

Chat 11-01-05 & 21-01-05

Continuation by AA Michael

Hologram given to me by Gaia at new-year's meditation.

Wondering what 0. has to do with MM and DNA?

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Our vision

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Ashtar's lessons in the Graces of Living.

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Ashtar's bottom line


Comic interlude by Kuthumi & Sanat Kumara (auf Deutsch i'm afraid).

Recipe for Love

"Like the meridians as they approach the poles,
science, philosophy and religion are bound to converge
as they draw nearer to the Whole..."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


The man was right :


(Don't forget to animate the "golden melon" !)


The Grand Experiment

A multi dimensional Game

Permutations of the I-Ching and 64 DNA codons, into a 384 base, renders a graph of fractal time,, 64 levels of time, accurate on the atomic level, as analysed by Dr.. Sheliak of Los Alamos National Laboritories. Ananda doubled the graph for anti-mater fractal time, in 1995, and then traced it into a 3D extrusion. The result is the shape of the mandelbrot fractal, and the Stupa the Buddha Body of Dharma. It is also the King Peice of the game of Chess which comes from China, just as the King Wen, I Ching sequence comes from ancient China. Time Wave Zero Into another dimension.

The duality game.


The X-crossing aka 0. = Love/Light,
the 900 plane of Sun's & Black holes.


Taken from: http://phoenix.akasha.de/~aton/X.html.

(See also: http://phoenix.akasha.de/~aton/HO-OSIRIS.html)


Master healer Bruno Groening.

or: "healt-care" is an industry.