Hello all, this is El Morya with an update on the world.


You asked me if this was of interest to the people who read your channelings. All I can say: donít worry, when one person reads it and finds something useful in it, thatís the person who is being guided to this channeling.


So letís proceed. When you look at the surface of the world, lots of disasters are occurring at this very moment. And then I donít take ďmomentĒ literally, a wider span of time is more appropriate. Anyhow, disasters, and lotís of people are worried about the disasters. No need to worry I would I. Everything is happening according to plan and everything is proceeding as it should.

With the disasters people are learning humility towards the forces of Earth. Also, disasters were in history the reasons why people where seeking for a reason. A being more powerful then themselves who was in charge of the world. And yes indeed Earth is a being more powerful and is in charge of the disasters. Good idea to think of how to please her, just as you tried in ancient days to please the gods.


Yes I know, to avoid disasters, but hopefully you have developed a more mature point of view considering disasters. Disasters for some beings, small as they are, is just tension relief for the big being, or an itching corrected. A tick canít get his way without being noticed some time on a human body, so that is the same with you. An ant is tickling and is most of the time smashed of the hand or foot that it is walking upon. The world has a more gentle way of dealing with this kind of behavior, smashing isnít her style. Be grateful, no disaster in your point of view is comparable to smashing an ant of your hand. Nothing new so far, donít you think?


The dilemma of living together is to get along with each other in respect, love and communion with lots of communication. Is this happening upon your world? It should, is my humble opinion, but it isnít. The whole biological system is acting as one, you arenít. So what is the matter? Time for some wisdom. I just made my point and there is nothing to add.


Next, if rituals for pleasing donít work, when the way you live and build your houses, furnish your life styles isnít in harmony with the environment, what is wrong do you think? The world, the environment, the biological system or...? Still trying to develop new plants and new animals with strange genes in it? Still building dikes, electrical devices on swamps and whole cities on tectonic fold lines and vulcanos?


Still thinking trying to find ways to keep up with an unhealthy lifestyle and developing zero energy devices while living on light, growing behind the disturbance of hot or cold, walking through walls, transporting within a thought is possible on your world?


What matters most is that spiritual development is still subjected to living a material secure life.

If you are spiritually healthy you would have success in your life, measured with money, friends, a beautiful house and no lack of what so ever. See the writers of your spiritual books, all are promoting this value. And that way you are trapped in the material life by society and by the ones who were able to give you the map of the emergency exit. Luckily the main road out is provided by God himself (or should I say herself), anyhow, connecting within is all there is.


So what is the matter with disasters? They open up the hearts of the ones who see them on TV and they give others opportunities to learn fast lessons in letting go of the material world.

People also learn that they are responsible for their reactions and that you donít have to wait for officials to do something against something that helps them in their way of governing the world.

But all they are, are just puppets in the same show of illusion. It is time to start playing with the illusion. That is the way of dealing with disasters. See behind the illusion and see the love and the play in it. And yes, this is very difficult when a personal disaster is tickling you out of your security zone. Lotís of people are leaving Earth in a hurrily manner not understood by the people who are watching them, living with grief, with the view of what sickness and death can cause to the material world.


And again it is just a sign that there is more, as it was, and as the sign will be until you all learn that it is just a sign to aim yourselves on what really matters, and that is no matter of time, no matter of matter, just a matter of logical thinking and a matter of loving yourself when you start to live this.


I just wonder when you will wake up and see the world in wonder, see the love radiating from all material solid objects, and see through the hollow vessels of running energy of keeping up appearances.


And next, when you see through all this, you will find love everywhere and the most in your heart.

At that moment you will be able to live like a master of love, a master of energy, and the world will be indeed your playground as it was planned to be.


Thatís all folks. With love and blessings to you and your path,


El Morya through Mari-Elise.