Welcome to another fine day on mother Earth!

Dispite a horible Christian kindergarten and a very enjoyable catechism later on I still have to ask my girl-friend every year “what is Easter all about?” Same goes for whitsuntide (Gesuntheit? White sun tide? ??). and basically every Christian holy-day except Christ-mass, that’s about the fat dude from the north-pole; gifts!

Christ died for our sins that day. I thumbed the bible several times for an indication, explanation or even a mention. Must be in the Apocrypha, ‘cause I can’t find a thing! Let’s start with the basic assumption: the teaching that Christ didn’t survive the cross. Anybody know about the shrine of Turin? Why all the fuss? Blood doesn’t run out of dead men. Dead men don’t travel to India. Convenient.
People fear death and authority. Even more convenient.

So all our crimes have been paid for in advance. Very convenient again. Luxureus even. Suppose you have some answerability standing before a grim st. Peter tapping his foot and keeping his key to heaven under his folded arms. Sweat of shame? Lucky for you you get another go at getting it right, inshallah.

The art of power lies in ommision. Keep them ignorant, bare-foot and docile.
And so it has been. Dispite the effort to keep examples of us being love like Immanuel and Sai Baba out of our sights, dispite the burning of libraries like in Alexandria, dispite proclaiming extraterrestrial life does not exist against all odds I might add, dispite declaring people who remember underground Grey bases mentally insane, dispite blowing up the twin towers to validate war in the middle east, and I can go on for ever and a day. Good morning and welcome to Earth, again.

All the celebrating of fear and pain keeps us from a direct path to our selves; joy. You must thank a very explosive and cruel God - God did kill every first-born in Egypt, or was that another God? - on two bare and grazed knees to even be allowed the air to breathe on this Earth were you must tip-toe every second not to plummet into hell and damnation. And now even God her/him self has come to mend the pain bestowed upon men for ages and ages. What, who, where? India. Sai Baba.

And so it is.