I’ve just finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons.

I read it with a Draconian hunger for more blood and a human lust for more drama.

I jumped on the net to get some pictures with Bernini.

Theresa is having a jolly good time indeed with that grinning angel.

I also found, besides some five pages of a dull tourist keeping his promise to his wife photographing the spots which gave away to me the location of the fourth murder, the Vatican site. Impressive!

Benedictus saluting every One on the index page, a virtual tour in QTVR of some archive and other rooms and even some documents in a maneuverable zoom mode. Brilliant!

At least that money bit is true. ;-) Nothing, or close to nothing in the book, goes beyond 3D. Who’s the God speaking to Carlo? Inspiration, zest and heart?

I read the original Ben Hur cover to cover in one breath. I was there.

Mr. Brown is a debunker. To my knowledge a proven means in the psychological warfare some remnants of persistent misinformed terriers apparently still find they need to pursue.

We have vibed out of range and you might want to have a good look in the mirror.

Coincidentally, the scientific phrase for a miracle, my girl asked me if I could retrieve the following channeling:  


Kryon explaines Illuminati, Illumined and Illuminari. Supercalefragelisticsuperalidocious!


If you get the chance to see Mary Poppins, don’t hesitate. “Somewhere, over the rainbow...”

Last provoking statement: all true women are called Mary.


Have a wonderful day!