Hello all!


Abundance is lain to waste.

Nature provides but it needs her own way to replenish himself.

I’m going to have a try at a good Communist slogan here: the wastebaskets of the west can easily provide the east.

Does anybody have any idea let alone an overview of what is being wasted every minute of every day?

Suck as hard as you can and toss what you don’t like. If you’ve got any money left you can donate to War Child.

“Hey, what happened to free choice?” Good point.

That’s the Law of the Average Common Divider, or the masses dictate. No market, no sale.

I can choose to buy biological dynamic food. Since the Euro that’s not really an option. “Grow your own!” In Holland? You’re kidding, do you know what a house with a garden costs?

In my experience free-will has been dammed by market movements and regulation. Apparently that’s what we have chosen. Fear, most of it.

If I check out my dustbin it’s mainly plastic packaging. There’s a start. Have a look around the supermarket and look around for durable reusable packaging. A tin can. A plastic reusable container. Which brings me to industries putting oil and chemicals into everything. Check out your shampoo. Does a package reading “milk” still contain milk? You remember, the white stuff cows (type of animal) make with four stomachs from grass (something of nature)? What’s in Prozac? Marihuana would be a nice one.


And, of course, or should I say on course, we have a law called NESARA. A careful reader will notice the word “law”.

Creator God does not take eons of time to lay down a law of which It knows we’re going to put it gently aside anyway.

“So there’s a bigger plan?” Who said NESARA is the whole thing in the first place? It even might be a very cunning decoy. Has kept US busy for a while, hasn’t it?

So no worries if you utter a big O my God at the end of yet another term of non-payment. The guys and girls upstairs are gooooood. Have a little faith.

Just a few thoughts to end on a happy note:





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A Grand Salute to s-he who has the last laugh,

And that will include us folks!

Bedee bedee,... that’s All! (Fur now...)