Hello, are you ready to channel?

Yes this is good old Asthar again with El Morya. We come with an urgent message to all of you.

Urgent, youíre kidding?

Of course we are, and no we arenít.

Rather logical this time, anyhow, I am all ear.

Now you are kidding.


Anyhow, letís start. There are some changes coming your way. It is not that the cats are fighting who is allowed to sit on your lap, it is more about changes, timelines and crossroads. It is like approaching a big city. Do you want to drive through the center of it or do you take the highway around so you avoid the big shit?


Earthlings with their preferences for big learning lessons are likely to take the big center road. And you know by now what that means. What is the big lesson you are opting for? Learning compassion, learning that the material world isnít the one that is giving you security, and this way lots of you will turn away from it. What kind of solution offers religion for these people? None. For some it does, for others they feel there is much more then religion is able to offer in the mainstream gospels of the big religions. Others are just starting to become cynical. The world is going towards disaster and I wonít bother. It will last my time and as long as it takes. Not the attitudes we would prefer.

The idealistic ones try to preserve the world from disasters and that doesnít help at all. With running the risk of lightworkers who are tired of helping the world. Are they helping themselves? Selfish helping, or? No just the real helping themselves, with loving themselves and loving others equally, serving yourself and serving others equally, taking time to sort out the ego and go for the ultimate realization of being one with the supreme love. You can take this path on different manners, through gratitude, through sacrifice, through wisdom, through awesome reference and respect for all, through love and through service. Different paths to one and the same. But, I hate to say but, it takes some determination, discipline, just plain training and restricting your appetite for things, just like food, watches, mobile phones, cars etc. And you also can practice your own special mixture of above paths.


What about stopping ego matters and starting loving? When love flows, love will follow, so what you give with love will gilt you with love. There is in no way an empty place within you when you just love and do things with love. First, it doesnít matter what you do with love. Then after a time of practice love will teach you the best way to do things with love. The next thing you are love in action. So if you are a butcher and you take the life of animals, first you do it with love, you love your job, you will send love to the animals who you will kill. Then you will ask yourself if love would take the life of animals who are healthy, young and strong with energy. That answer is yours alone to answer and regarding how you answer it, love will manifest in your life more or less. It depends on you and your answer.


This is also a nice matter of how you will deal with your mind, your logical mind, the one who talks and entertains you all day and night with fear, regret, joy, songs of the latest pop artist playing in your head and so on.


The logical mind is very handy when it comes to taking your own responsibility and choosing with discernment. It helps you determine what is right for you and what not. But just as a computer can be turned right or wrong, so can your mind. Install the love program and it runs smoothly and will generate new opportunities. When you install a mixture of love, fear, ego and let your mind wander about side roads it will take you nowhere, only to circle roads, and one way dead ends and so on. You have been there and you know all about it. It is just the same attitude, habit, visiting you again and again and again and again. Yes I will stop now.


So your mind is a great help in living in love in the world. Did you read it well? Yes, sure you did. Your mind is a great help living with love in your life. Without the logical part of your mind, you wouldnít notice that you did something cruel. You would take it for granted. Being aware has everything to do with your mind. Aware of what is happening outside you, aware of what is happening inside you, choosing and using discernment on what is right action, knowing the directions of love in your life, the guidance of your lovely heart and following this course, without questioning. Being aware of what kind of impulses you are getting from your environment. And yes, it is easier to live an easy life without many distractions of what is really important. In the western world you have to choose for it, again and again. And yet you donít have to close your world, your mind, your view of the world, for then you are becoming rigid and prejudiced. Difficult task! And congratulations for the big achievements you are giving yourself right now.


Next what is more important then the task in front of your feet? Nothing my dear, nothing. Living in the here and now gives all big opportunities to learn to choose for themselves (time, rest, meditation) and learn to practice love in action. Every task, dull as it is, gives wonderful opportunities for learning to act with love, practice love, follow love and be love. No task is unworthy of love. Maybe you think it is, but that is just your ego wanting you are more, be more, earn more, have more, have a more sexy life, more interesting life. If we look at the advertising, the TV, the movies, all is apt on this wanting more. This unrestfullness in beings causes lots of trouble. And that is what you know all about by now. And if you donít see it in your life right now, look at the earthquakes, the wars on nothing, the fights in the streets. Just people unhappy with what they have, just as it should be. But (again, I know) accepting what they have, what they are, what they are able to do with their life, where they are right now, is a bitter pill to swallow. But if you do just that, and just do it, marvel at the freedom you get for a real life filled with love and compassion. I wonít start talking about the big achievements you will make, the big treasures that will open themselves when you just do that. For then the people tell themselves that they want to do that, without doing it, for the very big reason of these achievements. And they will believe that they do what is needed, except that they donít accept life, for their aims are the achievements and not the accepted being.


I know for lotís of lightworkers this is old stuff. We know all about it, we have done that. If you really have done this, where are you now? The ones on this path to accept, integrate wisdom with oneness, the road never finishe. Well you are living in this world. So when you have done it, you didnít. For you canít finish this task until you are no longer a body on this plane. And you are a body right now. But do you accept your body as your vehicle, as temple of God? That is what love is all about. So smoking, and you know what the rest is, the black pieces you see in the other, tell you what you still have to learn. Thank them, otherwise your life would become very dull, and that is an ego expression of not being satisfied with life and not accepting life as it is.


Life and love are never dull. And your mobile phone or your old fashioned TV are fine as long as they are running and working. The rest is ego matter, toys and a waste of energy and money.

This is my piece of the picture. I will leave the last sentences to El Morya.


This is El Morya. Let me start directly with the matters that matter most. (Yes, this is for the editor). (Editors note: bedie bedie, yup, thatís me folks! Last time I was wondering because Ashtar uses ďmattersĒ to underline matters if it was el Morya speaking, so this is a †confirmation on that.) With time you will see destabilizing events in the world. On the physical plane and on the mental plane. This is logical due to the changes of the times. It is just like a boat facing a current from opposite direction. When the boat is rocking you will see people busy with keeping their balance in their life. Most people are facing difficulties with this. A zero-point, or focused attention point to balance, harmony and an easy, smooth transition is needed. Time for yourself so you are able to maintain balance is recommended. Compassion is also needed, not only as a feeling and that feeling send throughout the world, but also in action. For compassion should be love in action. With action there is another consideration. Some people are drawn to do something more for a special place in the world and the people who are living there, others care for the rain forest or the animals in a particular place. Do as your heart tells you. If you choose something else it wonít work. Only heart work works. That is the golden rule now. Some people are just balancing their karma with helping the special project of their heart. So if you wonder why everything just works out fine for some people with helping others, see that it is their heart work, maybe mixed with some karma solutions. Find your heart work and you will be just as successful as needed for your heart work. Donít envy one another for the amount of success, just poise on the heart work you are able to do with love and compassion. For that is all what matters for you, your heart work and your love to give and your compassion to flow. Learn to know your heart, and follow it wherever it leads.


With love and compassion to you all,††


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ashtar and El Morya.