"So another year over, and a new one just begon..." John Lennon.

I also hope it will be, or is, a good one, especially for you! Every One has a full right to be, as you are and at ease.


I hope people will wise up and are able to step out of fear into peace, of mind, of heart and stilness of being.

Peace on Earth, fair access to assets without spillage and an honest and creative life climate would be a very welcome change.


For the US (U2 |-)): are we going to let Bush choose WW3 (George doubles you ;-)) for us or are we going to choose peace on Earth?

There's always an excuse for war. Those are easy to fabricate (there's ample lack of evidence) as long as you control the media and have sufficient allies.

Let's push on "the times, they are a changin'", and that was Bob Dylan some odd years ago I believe.


Look within, live life with a grin.

Have a Babalicious year!