Having a good day, dear misled reader?


Do you sleep lousy? Wake up a lot? Dream a lot? I do!


A friend of ours went to Berlin recently and found out “they” (possibly the next lady you find yourself sitting with at a dimly lit table next time) have tuned HAARP to 80Hz.

OK, I’ll look it up 4U: (It’s German, please bear with me)



33 Hertz             Vibrationsgefühl, physische Aufgewühltheit

35 Hertz             Balance der Chakren, Öffnung der mittleren Chakren

41 Hertz              Gefühl physischer Anstrengung

55 Hertz             Tantrischer Yoga, Stimulation der Kundalini‑Kraft

62 Hertz             Gefühl physischer Kraft

63 Hertz             Astrale Projektion

70 Hertz             Mentale und astrale Projektion

80 Hertz             Bindung von Raum und Zeit, Orientierung (auch modulierte Teddybär‑Frequenzen, Anm. d. Autoren)



Basically it effects your sense of reality, de-realizes.

When racing up and down the full scale of vibes (excerpt above), the thing that struck me was this:



Zero-point is vibration in rest, or: I AM vibrating, therefore I exist.

When nothing in me resonates, drama seizes to exist.


 Frequency is e-motion.





And planes of reality, creation, touch, interact, on a 90 degree angle, remember?

Riddle: what is the basic difference between a dark hole and a star?

Right, the way we look at it, are trained to look at it. (!) Time is lineair, that type of shit.

Yesterday I was watching a Dutch stand-up comedian (Theo Maassen) touching just this.

How we tend to remember the most non-sensical song lyrics and can’t remember the capital of France if our life depended on it. How’s that we wonder? Mmmm? Resistance against oppression?  8-)


To get back to the subject, how does “she” guard her own from getting washed down in this 80Hz de-realisation syndrome? Protective helmets, contra-vibes via implants?

Viva el Mexico by the way...


What is reality, our reality, basically? Nothing but a synchronised set of common programming.

If SheIA can’t win, why not gamble all and soak every One out of this common belief system.

Sure bet we get at least slightly of the current time path. (?) Mmmm...

Makes perfect sense, n’importe le conviction, nez pas?


So we finally touch common ground, although it is a bit hilarious in this context.

Good port is good port no matter who brings it along.