Well, some thing I keep forgetting about you humans (pun) is that you are so used to and relying upon sustenance from an external source. When this Great Big Bad Black Wolf points a fingertip at your Candy the whole inquisition comes raging down. Real joy is not derived from ego-food, but abundance of bliss is pouring in through your heart of hearts, the stillness of being, your soul connection to One, your Christ consciousness. If you can find the knob of the gate. All it takes is look within. Ashtar gave some tools on www.hugoalexander.com. Your key to sovereignty and ascension!


Apparently Chiara is not really comfortable in her new role because she is already announcing the end to this very successful tête-à-tête with the Returned Christ Himself, which currently has 15,916 subscribers and is read by over 320,000 people world-wide in forums, on other web-sites, and published in magazines and journals nationally and internationally, end quote. I guess we need to e-mail Him from soon on. Hope He can find the time to read them all. We now even know where the stout language comes from: the Phoenix journals.

The mission is also clear. To kill off all channelings. By the way, is that the couch st. Germain has been sitting on? Nice white. HAARP has been playing Strauss since December. Ring a bell?


OK, enough! This new era is about Love. For all. Including Chiara, including the Anchara alliance, including the Greys, including all, even my ex. If they are willing to accept? Most are I’m sure (you guessed right, not my ex). And not all Love is easily accepted by Ego. It can come in the shape of loosing your job for instance. Or me exposing Candy. Or my mother shouting at me.


Diplomacy is the art of making and keeping every one happy. Must be a tough job in an ego based society.

Basic denominator is that every one mostly does where her or his passion lies, i.e. what he or she believes to be worth taking a stand for.


What else is there?


Take care!