From the milk bottle until this day we are being told by “those who know” that life is a struggle and we need to grind our teeth to acquire and protect our territory.

Survival of the fittest, the theory of an unjust and irrational fight for a life. The system screwed us real good from Pampers© onwards into confusion and oblivion.


Now take some time and observe nature first hand instead of through the narrow tube of the Discovery© channel.

No one’s in a hurry. No food today? Maybe tomorrow. Not a care in the world. As long as the natural balance is there. Rock the boat until we capsize, that’s the shit we’re leaning heavily against held upright by some heavenly assistance. We’re kids and need to learn to row, row, row our boat, gently down the Flow, until all are merry and gay. ;-)


To paint the scam we’ve suffered for a long enough time now in a nutshell: at birth registration you are robbed of every basic right to God given free access to any basic primary need, like housing, food, clothing and health care. Got that? Next there’s not enough of anything to go around so we must thank our blessers at the temple every week by sharing with them what they so eagerly provided us. DC calls it tax. Got that?

Please also notice there is never a shortage on gunpowder and heavy metal. One could easily be compelled into becoming a conscientious objector regarding paying government tax. And we did not even elect that bunch of liars.


“Wilma!” “Yes, Fred, what is the matter?”