Mornin' boys & girls!

As you can see, it took me another 3 years in solitudary contemplation powered by One Heap of Help to figure out the obvious which was already under my nose but clouded by The Last Remains of "served it's porpose" thought construct. In fact, I had already put it on this very site: "don't worry, be happy!". Magic wise words!

The key shit is called "drama", a well known TV attribute. As the world turns, Dynasty, that type of thought.
What will thy neighbour think of thee? Who fuckin' cares? Your Ego does.
All is pure in the eye of God. Leela, divine play.

We are inclined to want some juicy things to do here on Earth.
Some fellow inhabitants of god's universe like to feed and amplify that need.
Altogether it makes a jolly good show! Realy puts your nose into it.

Do we cling, attach, absorb and make our own?
Yup, untill we've seen it all, been there, had it up to.
Then we let go of drama, this drama. Yeah!

The art of life is knowing when to use or not use a specific tool. Time, place, means.
You need to know when to let the grapes grow as someone some time very wisely put it.
How to let seeds bear fruit is the question.

Learned the trick? Free to go!

Love, H