How R U these days? Been a while...

Been off to India to see Mr. Universe.
The heart of this Universe is Love.
The physical stuff is just a puppet show!
A dance with Love sitting cramped up for nine hours a day on solid granite or whatever and sleeping in a noisy hotelroom on one and a half inches of mattress on a wooden plank. Did I say sleep? Yup, that takes a while. Just about when tiredness overcomes aching bones. And then Baba wakes me up to see His Universe. Live life to the max. Live life the Baba way.
What a way to ignore the physical and concentrate on the glimpse of our Source you get when you get "the look (of love)"!
All I want to say is: go to Puttaparthi, India and visit Sathya Sai Baba.

Let's return to the charade.
"The feds have taken over the show" as the saying goes.
Bellringer, Nancy... Oh, sweet lie, why doeseth thou betray me?
This only means we, the Little Ones, get to direct, rather sooner then later. 8-p
Remember Frodo?

The Church of the Second Coming is a blatant distraction devouring almost every Light feed line.
That good old radio station turned sour, let's scan again.
There's Celia, there's Mike, there's Ronna...
Ahhhh, the drama bit they took! To uphold the notion of duality. Remember that tune: "When will they ever learn..."?

One day Critical Mass will be reached, and I mean that in both ways. It's Shiva's show.
CU there! After things go: "boom!!!!!"