Excited about the Second Coming?

Any lady would be, but let's first talk about the first coming.

The Sanhedrin is still awaiting the first appearance of the Messia. They failed to notice the First Coming, deliberately.
So all the brave and obedient Israeli's are also still awaiting the Messia. Our pianist is developing RSI.

Any good Christian is in eager anticipation of the Second Coming. Apparently once was not enough.
Bitter? Angry? Yeah, I know, I AM an asshole. But I AM kicking your butt for you to wake up. Good morning Saigon! Bellringer, eat dust!

OK, the establishment, and that includes any church, didn't want you to catch the Second Coming.
Compassion in every persons heart and a unity consciousness arising from it would not serve their cause of world enslavement.

Remember this: as long as you rely on outside sources for your well being, you're liable to get screwed around by the media and the word proclaimed by a fellow man.
You are destined to be a sovereign being. Co-creating with God in eternal bliss. Now get mad at the ones who are trying to withhold you that.

The cure: stand your ground. On your own two God given feet.
Grow up and think for yourself. Fast food is nice, but holds a negative nutricional value in the long run.
Where two are gathered in my name... He never left.