The Islam is the only true religion and Muhammad itís prophet. Good morning! Sounds familiar?
The one and only true Apostolic Roman Catholic Church, etc, etc, etc.! Sounds familiar?

I once heard a reformed priest make a fuss about who our neighbour was.
Any woman or child posed this simple question on the street would give you a clear and simple answer, so not this priest. The Bible quote went OK, but then the reasoning went on until the point that only a congregation member who attended church every Sunday was to be the beneficiary of our generosity.
So if I was to find a Turkish man bleeding to death on my doorstep I would have to leave him to his dire faith.

The bone of the issue here is: do we listen to our hearts or to those we conveniently delegated our free-will to?
Do we strive to thread Immanuelís footsteps or to be diligent followers of the word proclaimed by another man?
Jesus was all about love and compassion and that comes from the heart, so I suggest we put at least one ear there.

Again: do we listen to our hearts or to those we conveniently delegated our free-will to?
What good has the latter strategy done so far for our selves, our neighbour and our dear planet?
Time to reconsider, to claim our own discernment?
I think it is high time or we do not have a planet left to be upon. This is serious shit folks!
What tenders of the vineyard would we have proven ourselves to be then?

Luckily, some individuals have recognised this predicament and are diligently working to correct this misstep.
Behind the continuing farce called media, there are operations on the verge of popping out of the closet that will finally free us of our imposed programming by church, media and well willing neighbours.

Mary Magdalen once asked me why I could kiss her on the lips now and not so before.
It took me some time to realise it was because I accepted to some degree the reigning values and customs of that time and region. That was no doubt a fear based decision. Love yourself and let trust be your base.

No shame, no fear, no regrets.

I invite you to do the same today.