Now everybody is all heated up as the date of dates, February 22nd, approaches.

My God, what a hoax! Everybody is going to be in the deepest depression ever, including 911, including the tsunami, including the passing away of your mother in law, if there are no shiny silvery disks zwooshing down from large triangular motherships as kazillions watch the skies with open mouth holding a can of lager or Pepsi light.


Prime time question is: are we ready to receive them? Mmmmm? Could be not, right? Depends a bit on us shooting our little arrows at them or not, doesnít it? Thatís why thereís talk about peace must have been declared first. Bummer! That could take a while. Unless...


How is it with the peace in your heart?

Not that bad, right? Or do you still want to shoot that ugly kid next door who keeps making a hell of a racket at three in the morning? I guess those feelings are tempered a bit now. Can you remember, letís say ten years back? See the difference? If not youíre a stubborn head dumb-ass. Excusť le mot!


Nothing much to hold on to outside these days. NESARA burned to a shred, only Michael is worth reading these days, and I AM, thank you very much indeed. Bellringer, go chop some more wood will you?

So I know (no guessing here) that One must look inside. Whereís that? Where your feelings are. Feel inside your heart. And observe. That whole world of the soul, of the Light, is out there, smiling.


Face it. Weíve allowed those Annunaki buggers to pester us for far too long now, right?

Time to kick their ass, right? Bon voyage monsieur Bush! See ya later alligater.


But, before you go kicking ass: did we learn something? Yep, kicking hurts. So do we want to keep this circle turning into oblivion? Nope, we donít. Weíre gonna use the thing called compassion and not shoot the damn liars back to hell where they came from. Which would mean they would stay here by the way, smiling.


O yes! Thereís that UFO over DC. Digital trick? Whatís the big mysterious reason for anyone wanting to do that? G.W. & Co. leaving our sinking ship in an Aurora craft? More likely. Or the G.F. symbolically burning the Bush in preparation ofďthe second comingĒ. Would be a nice gesture, wouldnít it be?


All Iknow for sure is that I had my conscious F.C. years ago in Greece and we are all visiting space ships at night in our sleep state. Donít start on abductions and contracts, because that is stuff we Earthlings donít like and an interchange those ďhunt for the emotional bodyĒ Greys donít fully grasp. Hope they do by now.

Try to accept the idea. We have been deliberately isolated. With considerable success I must add. Chapeau!


Why Iím talking French? I somehow have a thing with Pepe le Pew. Not Skunkanancy. Canít find a pic on the Net on her. Unimportant. Ashtar probably found a video or somethingí, I donít know. End of detour (thatís also French).


And yes I AM going crazy with all that waiting for stuff to appear from around some never ending corner. Everything in this whole damn Universe is round or spiralling! Get over it! There is no fucking end to that one!!!


Could someone please get me a beer, I AM getting thirsty up here. Thank you, much obliged.

Yeah, you can go to the toilet, Iím finishing my beer first...


Duke Nukeím: ďI needed thatĒ. When I look in the mirror I could still do with a medi-pack, or two.

Those Sirians are a bit anxious to get things organised, pronto (Italian, I know). Hold that horse. Itís our game here. Remember: dates are good to eat, but can easily cause indigestion. Dates are also good to have and cherish.


Wasted enough of your time. CU on the bridge! 22nd, thatís a date! Take care till then!