Date and timing ... the fruit itself and the intuitive & rational decision when to throw it. Please grab a bowl and lets walk the buffet

In the case of timing there is pre-joy. I'm planning to trow a pie in Gondy's face.
If the pie gets stolen I take mud. If Gondy ducks I can have chosen to have a second option in the other hand.
If Bush showes up, even better, he's getting it. Yes, and I have the reserve option left for dear Gondy!

A date is a fixed point on a specific timeline concerning a predetermined space location and a specified range of dimension. Optionally the occurence has been painted in detail.
Where do creativity, adaption, fun, fit in such a piece of concrete? Therefore, where is the God element to be found?
Yeah OK, devine decree and in the moment of conception. Wrong, conception implies external source. God determines, our free-will is not honoured by it's maker. Old man on the throne stuff. God is too much of a playfull child to go for the frowning old bat bit.
"Hey, look what I did. I seperated consciousness from life, ain't that som'tin'? Any One? Anu, what can we do with this? Oeps, fucked up, right?"

To put this straight God decreed to get things fixed before a certain point in time and space are reached. Define some intermediate stages and One has benchmarks, checkpoints that call for adjustment, or not. I AM working towards an and+and situation here. We are Guinea pigs and have learned by now what sounds indicate food in the fridge but we still don't have the visual. Ascension will cure that. By devine decree, following the benchmark-route through creative inspirational action assuredly towards the devinely decreed here and now of the rejoining of consciousness with life.

Just a thought for you to ponder.