Gut meunin'!

Well, latest news on the channeling front: Candy has finally thrown her pie with a brick in Nancy's face. Will Nancy strike back? That we will see next week in the next episode of ... duality. Which brings me to, well, basically the same topic, good and bad influences. Let's call them challenges for starters.
To get things going a little clipping I happened to come across just a minute ago:

Every person on Earth is interconnected, interdependent and interrelated
through the Divinity blazing in our Heart Flames.
In Truth, we are ALL


Nobody can successfully argue that, but... and there we go, I won't allow this or that (One) in my life.
It is all a matter of choice. Not allowing is one choice, making it neglection or active war or active compassion is another.
Simple example: junk on your doorstep. Choice one: step over her.
Choice one and a half: step over her and give her the mean look.
Choice two: say "move it or I'll call the police on you!"
Choice three: "could you move please, I can't get through, and would you mind cleaning up before you go?"
Choice four: "hey, won't you come in, it's cold out here. Have a cuppa."

Sometimes the prefered choice makes you end up with a knife in your back, but when did that one happen lately?
Now we're talking of intentional offensive action. Saying "hey dude, good thing you were able to express your anger." just won't cut it.
Finding out the motivation, frustration or negative composure of some One and try to balance that out is possible but only with those that we have regular contact with.
If some Illuminati or whoever wants your head on a plate she's going to have it, one way or through One or the Other. That bad ass action is always being directed from a back room by someOne smiling in your face.

Here's the ultimate choice: do we want to be fearful and bolt our doors and hire bodyguards and a private eye or two? Or do we keep approaching the world with trust, love and compassion? If you are actively doing good deeds or made the wrong movies like Theo van Gogh you're in for a ride because action causes an equal and opposed re-action, at least in the now ended duality game. We're now on a mono-polar space ship, so let the big mighty steam-engines roar!

And those in the back rooms wonder in amazement and are coming out to see what's going on. I'll buy them a beer and talk of the good old days, or is that a negative approach?

CU @ the bar!