Clipping of an e-mail report to a friend about a meeting with a full-body channel:

“If I recall correctly it was MM who stated that mainly Sirian ladies - overall energy balance! - are to be floating down in Greece. There was also a mentioning of either Gizeh (ME's recollection) or Gasa (my humble recollection). Better keep an eye on those three regions.
MM mentioned that Echnaton & Nefertiti were the first set-up, but apart from planting the seed that obviously didn't work, MM & Immanuel were second try but that got screwed into a male oppression fest, and Now is playing in that theatre called you the grand finally of that trilogy.
The second, excuse me, third coming, is Now through the hearts of, what have we, possibly 6 1/2 billion individuals.
Kuthumi made it very clear that no one has exclusive rights to Sananda or any one else for that matter.
Hint, hint, point taken? Mmm?”

Side note: Master K also mentioned something like George Bush thinking he has Holland in his pocket.
Do I recall a referendum? Methinks I do.
Never doubt the trinity above mentioned wasn’t carefully planned!

So by now we’re all clear on the Candy: long passed the expiration date.
And: not only the Sanhedrin are legging one coming behind. VBS. Trinity is Now. And were did we get that pretty babe before? Mmm?

Mike got kicked out of the Tree I’ve heard. Good for him and good move! I AM reading st. Germain again.

If you happened to be employed in one of the .mil, .org, one of the bazillion bricks of another pyramid, you might have found out by now that no one is going to bite your head off or is going to pee on your carpet, unless maybe one of the remaining stubborn headpieces of Illuminati butt-kissers. Got that? Good...

Time to fold hands, both in trust and in unison. We are all on this same boat remember?

Shall we make this game One which culminates into a party for all? And that includes you!

Namaste, again, and au revoir at the party.