Time to get a very important basic straight: our ET brothers and sisters.
I would start to say they are only human. ;-)
Living in 5 or whatever D does not make them automatically all-knowing, in fact, if they were they wouldn't be giving us so much attention!

What makes us so special?

Apparently we are the only ones brave and/or stupid enough to try to pull the Big Integration Trick.
Another important thing: some lightworkers curse and blast everything remotely "dark".
The dark find our light likewise a threat to their well-being! Logical, right Spock? Right it is.

Basically nobody is an angel out here, every One has it's peculiarities.

We all try our best at understanding, grasping, learning to understand.
We are playing a very special game down here and as Sananda has put it: some ET's just don't grasp what's going on here and stand in confusion when they are not allowed to barge in and get first contact over and done with or are having a bit of trouble with the freewill thing and the integration aspect (patience), for instance.
In daily practise that means communication trouble, a handful of sturdy straight forward kind of serious Pleiadian warriors guarding grounds during a telephone conversation and so on. R explained that the white light is manifested black, which is light in rest, without movement, without creativity expressed.
Ever heard of the black Madonna? There you have it.
We are doing It and those who are allowed are joining in in whatever way they can.

The diplomacy department is running overtime.

So treat any being as a human being, dump the programming (yes, and get on with it).
As God said to me: "only one's, no two's! Two's? No NESARA!". You can translate that into freedom, abundance, clean healthy Earth (anagram of heart by the way), etc.

It is difficult to make that step, but we can do it.
We must get rid of programming and the prejudice, assumptions and fear derived from it and realise (literally) that All is Love.