What is fear? The opposite of trust?

Springing from the opposite of love logically.

Oops, wrong universe. What’s fear doing here?

Getting your focus off progression, away from the movement.

Free will allows for the choice.

Want it?


No wonder it is a steadfast element of controlled media, and uncontrolled because they do not know any better.

They are too close to be uncontaminated (education!).

In the piece posted by Isis the fear element pops in when lack is observed. Earth magnetics are down to zero, so an educated guess would logically be we are due for a polar shift. O dear!

Do we depend on magnetics? Does education cover all possibilities? No and no. Do we have all variables in this equation? No again.


We fear what we do not understand.

We have a brand new Earth. Mono polar. Observations are therefore correct. Chew that.


Mama is shakin’ her booties to get rid of some rubble.

Had too much of our shit way too long, right? “Right!” (Shortest channeling ever.)

Fear is simply not an issue, unless you choose it to be.

Thoughts manifest. Better keep that in mind.


“Do you like the dark? Do you like the way it moves?”, Ronny James Dio.

We need our senses active and get ourselves informed!

“Yo dad, I AM scared shitless, what’s up???”

Not so hard is it?


Ask and you shall be given.

Not as you expect most of the time.


Joy is in small things.

Abundance lies in trash containers.


St. Germain just came out of an temporary employment agency across the street.

Yeah right you say. I saw without thought and dare to type and publish it.

Get my point?


Another thing I bumped into:


Hiya Candace!


As AA Michael stated: “When you read these words, the gate to the past is closed.”


That’s a good starting point, right?





PS: to the BBQ geselschaft (what's left of it): you’re not getting anywhere are you? Thank you for the helpful pointers!

CU at the bar, then you can have a drink on me.