At last, you are willing to channel! A bit stubborn, arenít you?

Let we say that being stubborn prevents the dark of taking over you all, and yes, being stubborn also prevents you from embracing the solution and ascension.


Some learn at this very moment that thy will is my will and my will is thy will.

Hard to say this in a world shaking by terrorist attacks that arenít the Islamic terrorists at all.

The own government is based on terrorists. I am a terrorist but I prevent you for other terrorist, so would you pay me a fair share of your working loan for this protection, otherwise I have to become a terrorist against and terrorize you and your village. (Protection money. Al Capone revisited... Editor)


This is how government started in the first place. If you donít have to work for your living, you plan idle mischief to keep you busy. Everyone with an ego is a terrorist for him or herself at the inside. Donít blame the terrorist, blame yourself.


In either way, forgive yourself like Jesus did with Judas and nothing is wrong anymore, just a learning process. Take advantage of it.


So in your opinion, you would ask us: what went wrong? Why didnít you prevent this attack? We donít care who did it, we care why you didnít prevent it! There is something wrong with this thinking, donít you think?


We are responsible for the free will of some people? We are responsible for what you are doing, without thinking, and you ask us why? No way, my dears. We arenít responsible for what you are doing or planning to do. We arenít even responsible for the victims who say: yes this plan fits in my life schedule, so I will be on time in the bus and this way I end my life upon this plane. Or a traumatic accident with a car isnít possible, there arenít enough perpetrators, but a blast will do for giving me this kind of experience.


Where there are victims there is an opportunity to go on with a mischievous plan.

So why donít we stop this kind of free will arrangements between souls?

Are we capable to intervene in this kind of Godlike planning of the Soul, being God?

Do you plan to make us a tyrant, a dictator? If we come in with big plans, big issues, big power, you will be going to hate us for making you feel less worthy then we are. Working for the good for you, you will curse us and work against us, you will mistrust our values, mistrust our intentions.


Yes we can stand idle and let you run your own course. No, we donít do that. (Do I smell meatloaf? Editor) For that will be the other question you place upon us. You will say: if you canít help us, why are you here, standing idle and doing nothing? What kind of power are you representing? Again and again and again, we donít represent a power. We donít want power, we only are in contact with you to remind you again and again and again that we are God just like You. We come to teach, to comfort, to show, to learn, to help you stand your own ground, taking your own power, you becoming you who you really are.


And yes, if some plan mischief, we wonít prevent it. We will try to change the timelines so it wonít happen, and we only can achieve this with your help, your willingness to see some issue in your personal life so when it is addressed by many it becomes available in your collective energy-field so the drama based upon this issue doesnít have to be played because it is already solved by you. Thatís all!


For this noble cause, we need volunteers, people who are willing to listen to us, learn from us, who are willing to work with us on a base of trust, equality and love.


So now this issue is solved, we can go on with our next plan for helping to raise earth and all its inhabitants. To raise the place where they are destined to be. What will it be, do you know already?


Just plain simple for now: just give all in your imagination a big hug.

No one can be an enemy of you when you do that. Yes, they might be a bit stubborn and they might stay that way, and yes they certainly have to learn something in your humble opinion. And logically they think of you just the same. So giving each other a humble hug of love, for all are kings and queens in their own legacy, and donít forget to give one yourself to.


Love is the only answer that is needed here and anywhere else.


With love,