Good day dear reader,

maybe you've heard about HAARP. If you haven't, you should know about it's existence, because it affects your daily lives, thinking, moods, weather and the future of the human race.
Since Bush has been re-elected or something to that effect, the Power Elite are, apparently, in control, including the knob on HAARP. Did you experience any nervousness, fear and/or angry outbursts just prior to the elections? Say hi to HAARP.

The knob has been turned to maximum just prior to the elections. I've just been surfing the internet a bit because I really had to brush up on what HAARP means as an abbreviation and to see if I could find some pictures. It's, as usual, the same old pattern: the officially released information is available, some accompanying selected photo's and limited location information. A couple of "protest sites" can also be found. Both provide useful information.
The official information dates back to approximately 1998. The HAARP-cam supposedly creates the impression all is freezing and well up in Alaska. And so it probably is.

When I use my antenna, I find that the "official" HAARP is a test experiment, decoy, or both. It's my impression the "real" HAARP is connected to a G(lobal)SM type of antenna network and a Cray III type of intelligent computer, and I would put it comfortably in one of the sixteen levels of our titanium moon, putting us directly at the receiving end. Through chem-trails and such we are not receiving as much cosmic energy as we could, keeping us receptive to the ELF waves of HAARP. If it is up to the dark agenda we will shortly all have killed each other and find ourselves with neighbour Sadam playing bass-harp on a cloud with metal lining.

HAARP creates a basis for mind control. "We hate Arabs" or "I like Coca-Cola" are very easy to accomplish thoughts in the minds of you and me based on our basic initial programming called societal beliefs and values. The media are controlled to report in accordance after the basic idea has been breast-fed via some previous media-reports.
"We come to bring democracy in Iraq". No WMD to be found, bombs and death first. I would want my money back.

So now we've bought that programming and are facing four more years of Elite control, or more accurately, more HAARP and an expansion on war. It is simply some more squeezing so the bad juices can flow out of our system. Outdated egotistical male energy, anger, hate, duality in general. For example: now don't you go grab your coat and rifle out to shoot HAARP. Dear old HAARP also only knows what he has been told, programmed to think. Give him a chance to grow spiritually and find out there's more to life then dark agenda's. It's a little more intelligent, and methodologically so, than Frankenstein's monster, so I've got high hopes for Cray. And doesn't your PC (what's in a name) have a mind of it's own, especially on Monday mornings?
All is life and all are One. So I'm even going to meet Bush somewhere at the end of this fairy tale. So why not hasten that process a bit and safe our selves some suffering and become friends to one another? We all have our own little piece of this great jigsaw.

The trick is not to fight these "dark" influences but use them as very helpful tools instead. Hey, I observe myself being fearful of shadows in the night, silly me, I will see if I can filter that out of my system. Why do I think Osama bin Laden is a crook? I should not judge, especially when I'm only going on what others tell me. Check out "Fahrenheit 911" to get the idea on that one.

So my working hypothesis after a little internet surfing is that we are subject to a combination of deprivation of beneficial and uplifting cosmic rays and are emerged in an environment of waves send to us from an artificial intelligence, apparently serving the Fourth Reich. It is our ultimate challenge to stay neutral, centred in our Oneness, (were did we here that one many times before?) and not fight these energies, but instead use them as tools to help us filter out any undesired low frequency thought patterns.
Next to this the question arises as to what extend our perception of what we call reality (the thing we bump our heads against) is being influenced, shaped, moulded, etc., by these operations? We already are at the point were we don't protest but even applaud the robbery of our rights as human beings on this planet. We are already numbed, brain dead and doomed to be 2 strand DNA chipped robots if we don't recognise our God self, our 0-point, soon! Say "no Mr. Bush, I won't fight your war". Then say "give me back my constitution", then impeach the man and reclaim your birthright as citizens and human beings upon a living planet.


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