Hello and hopefully another day to your liking.


I was just watching a live TV report on www.wdsu.com on the Louisiana multiple murder by negligence. Another press-conference by a well performing general and an annoying secretary of state. Or should we say secretary of hate? Aren’t there some poor black people down in Louisiana? About 100.000 or so trapped, killed, missing, homeless, you can think of some describers like this. Fact is I was wondering the other day what the death toll was on Katrina and found out that there was no usual activity on the media with scrolling titles and serious looking suits turning pages and or an input screen with choppers. Huh?


“We’re tired of press-conferences, we need hands on the street.” as one TV reporter from WDSU aptly put it.

Just heard it on wdsu.com: noaa.gov (!) mapped the area on http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2005/s2495.htm.

Probably to find out where they could drop Bush without getting His feet wet.

The mayor was just on. Spend a night on a marine vessel. Got a handful of  pills with his meal by the looks of him. He is past the despair state and is very happy they got a pump working so they can “extract” an area later. Retrieving dead bodies that is. Still no drinking water for the living.

28% Of Louisiana lived (!) below the poverty level, they – according to the mayor – evacuated 80%.

200 Firemen are on paid leave because they couldn’t handle the dead bodies floating around.

Two police officers shot themselves. There you have nice arithmetic for a discerning mind.

Check out www.fema.gov and the facts. Tax money demanding you donate more in mercy’s name.


Murder by intentional negligence, theft and misuse of public property funds, belial of the populace, etc., etc., hey man! I’ve had it.


I greet you and bid you wisdom.