A jolly good day dear reader!


Now still every attention when concerning the so called Dark Cabal (DC for short) is being focussed on the North American continent and Mr. Bush in particular. Too easy!

When monsieur Bush was apparently good and well back in the states I saw a blue and white big bird with gear down heading for a military airbase nearby. This simply never happens. Either seňor Bush was pretending to be home (it was about a couple of dayís after Thursday American time) or a decoy Air Force One was still hanging around, or a delegation was still in Europe and jr. was send home to show everything is OK. That little charade is hardly convincing these dayís isnít it? Which brings me to the topic: media.


Controlled to the detail and even synchronized. Check out http://news.bbc.co.uk/ and http://www.cnn.com/ and please note the many similarities. Letís Google our way to India. http://www.indiadaily.com/ feeds us the same doom and gloom picture, http://www.goodnewsindia.com/ doesnít make your face go all grim and tight.

Now check out the Dutch news at http://www.nos.nl/. Let me assure you the articles read the same as the BBC or CNN ones, and maybe even surpass those. Any discerning reader will need to conclude that all regular news feeds are stemming from the same source. There are certain press agency sites (like Reuter) the media can log into and get their pictures and articles. Do we fully understand the implication of this? One chief editor of Reuter determines what we read at breakfast and see on prime-time news.


Another item of discernment: what good has come from Queens, Presidents, governments, senates and all the etcetera people we pay with our blood and tears? Donít more tears start rolling down your face when Mr. Annan takes a cautious stand for the poor and needy? Didnít lady Diana (real Royal blood) touch your heart?

Did any governmental institution, president, Queen, any other dearly overpaid civil servant, and I suggest you read that phrase again and let it sink in, ever do anything that gave you a warm feeling inside? If you managed to make your point to the IRS for example a grin would appear on your face while you slid a fifty dollar bill into your pocket. That is not what I mean. I am referring to a deep feeling of gratitude. Nothing but trouble and heaps of mail, right?


There is one determining factor to our daily lives and that is the underlying, non-public, layer of what I call government constants. To paint the picture: you can vote all you want here in Holland, but the high-ranking civil servants (what an abuse of language) still keep dictating the ministers. The prime-minister gets his directions from major companies. Queen Beatrix is major share-holder of Shell Holland. Am I a free sovereign human being, co-creator God on Earth? Yes I AM! But the (secret) government still in place tries everything and shuns no means to chain us down.


The newest gig is robbing us of basic life necessities.

Here in Holland you can see were America is going to next year (let this sink in too!).

65+ Humans donít need a basic income, most of them donít need it anyway. Most elderly people I know live from it and have a pity pension as a deducted extra.

Easing people back into the working crowd by being nice and supportive is not effective, so we choose for the Mediaeval means of whip and rack. Good morning every body!

The Euro has cut our buying power in half, taxes are, again, up to 30 percent, excluding city taxes and health insurance.

Here in Holland the police donít abide by their own rules. They jump traffic lights, drive their patrol cars in pedestrian areaís and even have the nerve to fine you on your bicycle because it is a pedestrian area.

You also get fined 50 Euroís if you donít carry an ID-card. Does this sound like Nazi Germany? Yes, it does! Give me a star, it's nice and yellow!


Time to dig up good old Jimy Hendrix and man the barricades. Are we too brain dead to stand our ground?

In this period, relying on external sources puts you right were they want you, a slave to their artificial breast.

Silicones will kill you.


CU on the other side!