So, what’s up with things today?


One inaugurated Bush on the throne, still.

Channelings keep flooding my inbox.

No announcement, no UFO’s.

Bugger! Three times elephants shit!


On the other hand, meditational wise, from own experience, we have a brand new Gaia, the veil between us and them is thinning to a vague mist at times, I still manage to survive financially and I still have time to write stuff like this and the means to put it on the net or fabricate a zero-point-energy-coil. It ain’t much, but it is workable.


So why am I impatient, restless and a trifle unhappy?

I feel like I’ve past the traffic-light ages ago, rounded the bend for quite a while and am now waiting at the truck-stop for about six bazillion thick minds to get the picture they can burn rubber because the jam has dispersed. Sigh!


It is all in the mind of the beholder. And yes, if you write that with a capital you get the picture.


Damn nuisance all together. The ones who shed their bodies at the tsunami in order to help us get the notion something’s up did us a major favour. Don’t ever doubt that!


Mother Gaia has put on a new dress and we can choose sink or swim, excusé

le mot. Opening your sore weary eyes through the portal of the heart is the trick here.


HAARP can not work on soul level. They are trying everything else.


The dark is absence of light. Nothing wrong with it.

I for one have been bumping my way around long enough to my liking. Basta, finito! Different tune please! Oops, passive attitude. I demand the light be turned on. That’s better.


Bottom line:

Things are moving although it may appear otherwise.

You give those girls and boys upstairs a go signal and your freshly made zero-point-energy-lamp is sold and given away within the quarter of an hour. Like there’s a herd of white coated pencil wavers up there taking orders and as soon as a production order finally manifests they sign it off immediately.

So, get your ass in gear and get moving.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!