Hi dear Child,



Like the world is holding on to images, so is the real world holding on to truth, love and peace.

These differences are nothing new for you. And right you are. What is new is that these two are overlapping and the one is just behind the other or the one is just one inch below the other.

So truth, love and peace have never been so close, so easy to access.

It is just around the corner or far better: it is just behind the surface of your own mind.


While you think about this you are just in time to gasp the mightitude of your own mind for your mind is the builder of images but is also the seer of truth, peace and love. It is capable of both. And you are the ones who choose where your mind lays its emphasis on. And you know, this message isnít new at all. Itís been said and told and retold and repeated for ages. And now you are able to grasp it and put it into practice. Of course this was always the case for the ones who were willing to put effort and duty into it. Now itís easier to reach and to learn this very truth.


The surface is just the surface. A play, a mind trick. And the possibilities to stop the mind trick and to learn the mind other tricks more rewarding then fooling the indweller lie just behind the surface. Thatís all. And it is accessible for all, easier to reach this truth, to feel, to recognize, to learn and to put it fully into practice. And then once an individual makes this step to learn and live it, Earth will become a heaven upon Earth and the Golden Age has become and has begun.


It starts just with one small step for every one of you. With realizing that the inner being is truth, peace and love. And this lies within you, just underneath the surface. Very close at hand, just one graspÖ


Just love it, as I love the thought and you.


With love,