Hi there slave!


Yup, U2 mate! Deny it. Or not.

Marketing & ignorance make a handsome couple.

Here’s a multiple choice 4U:


Question #1:

A] the president is a servant of the populace

B] the president is an intelligent humanoid

C] the president writes his own speeches

D] none of the above


Question #2:

A] democracy guaranties space to exercise your free will

B] democracy guaranties peace on Earth

C] democracy guaranties justice for all

D] none of the above


$1,000,000.- question:

A] I let myself be screwed senseless by the system

B] I AM a free woman!

C] never thought about it

D] I AM only half ignorant


If U score a 3D, inverse it into a triple A and you finally B Alive, Awake & Aware.



Turning truth inside-out and omitting the spicy bits keeps US from piecing the puzzle.

Or not?

Just helps US find the key-hole and squeeze through.

No need 4 A game cube, we’re already living the Simzzz


Squeezing us 2 the Max will make us pop out the other end.

Or not I hear you say. Truth time anyway.


And so we are all co-operating the final “battle” of our end-time.

Living life to the max indeed. C? Even marketing has it’s moments ;-).


Up & Down R 4Ward

Aero-soling and media-ting us towards 2D will not prove 2B A permanent cage (KG2B).

What’s the ultimate game? Freedom?



With regards, DewLkOre