The only certainty any human has on the planet.

And it takes you off-planet, for the bigger part anyway.


Fearing hell? Rightfully so, because you’re a hereditary sinner.

OK, you’re going for the upholstered golden seat. Been a good girl all your life.


Hell: Satan fries your ass in molasses and chuckles every time you scream fire and brimstone.

Heaven: you’re on a cloud, nice white fluffy upholstered armchair, playing harp and waving at saints flying by.

God: Big Serious Bearded Dude watching the both of you with a frown.

And the guy’s got copper hoofs according to the Bible! Wonder who he is...

And there’s no freakin’ escape! God damn creation! Oops, we’re stuck here, aren’t we?


No wonder everyone is afraid of death.

I’m talking civilized world here. ;-)


What’s all the fuss about? You’re just changing diver outfits. Or cars. Another bag of bones back to dust.

You will be you. Hopefully you’re done with the drama (ego) bit.

Otherwise you might have to drop in for another go, if you can find an opening.

Quite a hassle picking a good set, or one of them, parents, again ;-).


No wonder God lives in India. Yeah, no hoofs.

But I can vouch for the fact that God is Love. Strict with a smile.

No heaven nor hell, just Life, eternal Life.

Human has made the mess.

Time to clear it up.








A very timely addition by the master st. Germain:


Death is perhaps the biggest illusion that many people believe to be the total end to life. The reality is that life is infinite, and death of the physical body is to allow the release of your soul from it. It quickly gravitates to its appropriate level which is still within the Earth’s influence. However, these levels at their higher points are nearer to your true reality. Albeit that your powers of creation are limited, they bestow upon you abilities that you do not have upon Earth. These can be described as “Transit Realms” because you will only remain there until you decide what your next experience shall be. Most incarnate back upon Earth, but it is possible to move to other dimensions or planets. This will depend on what will best further your evolution.”





CU upstairs!