It takes a good observer to fathom the truth.

Careful examination must be practised on all issues.

Not one conclusion should ever be final.


Channelings on First Contact and the NESARA law have proven to expose a Dark Agenda plot.

Not all, but the major part of them. We are being had.

Mowing the grass before ones feet, or laying down an artificial meadow, so people can be happy, relax and finally wrapped up in it is a good strategy if you are desperately trying to be a step ahead of the inevitable.


Real and lasting freedom and abundance spring from within.

That is the heart of the matter.

“Never mind the 3D charade” some Masters told me.

Angels don’t do politics nor dates.


Real and lasting freedom and abundance spring from the heart.

Look within, live life with a grin.




Illuminari genes activated by the photon belt.

Experience is the only validater.

Extraterrestrial life?


We don’t know half of all that lives on or in the planet.

Common sense, some calculation on probabilities should make you wonder.

If you want to restrict your thinking to carbon based, oxygen breathing and humanoid, that’s a choice.

“Will all carbon based, oxygen breathing and humanoid GF-members step forward please. We have a mission.”

The Big Joke: we’re already here. But do you know it?


Too busy tackling money problems? Lay them into God’s hands. If your ego needs a BMW 740i you’re in for a heap of trouble. Listen to your heart whisper, have a little faith and time will learn you will have just enough, every month, every year. Crucify your ego and gain freedom. Your needs will suit the abundance.

“I need a girlfriend with big tits and a tight ass.” I hope your soul mate was informed before she came here.


Commerce gets fuelled by desire. No ego is bad news for the advertising industry.

Norms and values. Ponder that. Any idea?

Raping a planet part of them?

Killing out of revenge or precaution part of them? Invading Iraq? Iran maybe?

Waging a war on a terror that is a fabrication?

Ever met a terrorist? They’re hard to find aren’t they.


Buddha had found it out long ago: don’t get attached. To anything.

(Our horny cat is pawing my mother-board and frolicking amidst my model cars. I’m failing a test here.)

It really gets complicated when you let your peer-group decide what you should want.

“Impress your girlfriend with a huge cum-shot.” “Not satisfying your woman will lead to depression.”

Wedlock. Or wet lock. Or how to create a market.


We’re all just a holographic game, a thought within Creator.

(How far does a thought carry?)

“Hey, we’ve been in the Light now for aeons. Let’s see if we can do things in the Dark.

Any volunteers? Any one?” “OK, I’ll go.” Thanx Lucifer! You’re our hero.”


Lucifer and Marduk have gone on. Wrap-up time for us.

CU later Ali Gator!


Keep raising the vibes.