Good Friday and the myth of "Jesus saves".

First of all, Jesus was called Esu Jmmanuel (ben Yusef would be my best guess).
Jmmanuel lived to be about 105 years of age. He never died at the cross.
He did restore his body with help of healing herbs and ointments covered in the shroud of Turin and walked out of his tomb about three days after the so called burial.
The art of slowing your metabolism to the point regular people proclaim your death was helpful.

The illuminati found this incident in a holy mans and political rebels life extremely useful. They have the MO of ­ when they are not able to debunk some manifestation of Light on "their" planet ­ taking a benevolent thing and give it a twist so the anchoring in human consciousness and therefore the e-motional momentum is being postponed.
People are sheep and don't like to take up their own responsibility. Fact!
So, in that tradition, they took the only, seemingly, victory they could boast over the physical manifestation of the Christ consciousness on Earth, namely the apparently successful denigration of the man and the killing of his body, embroidered it with the rampant lie of Jmmanuel (they even had to change his name to the far more neutral Esu) having proclaimed to be the son of the one and only God and sacrificing his earthly body so we would all be saved from sin. Hence the fable of "Jesus saves".
What sin? He died because you killed him. I've got news: the man did not die on your cross. Examine the evidence on the shroud of Turin. And: he's back! Have that for breakfast.

The only success the illuminati can claim is that they proved the inhabitants of planet Earth to be stupid enough to follow a guy in a dress, holding a question-mark, telling the lie about a supposedly successful staged murder, making you feel guilty about same, based on another lie that there exists something called sin and on another lie that some grim old invisible, and for commoners unapproachable, being called God, will fry your ass in another lie called hell. You have been had.

They even took it one step further and turned the whole charade and the only itty-bitty piece of time they think they had some grip on a manifestation of the Christ, their only day of glory within 105 years, and turned it into Good Friday.

Jmmanuel saved himself and lived happily ever after.
Defeating so called evil on their own turf, resurrect your presence and live as God on Earth is something to celebrate. Liberating realization lies within.

This Good Friday we had a diner guest who suggested fresh asparagus in buttersause, new harvest patatoes with parsley and some chenin blanc.
White and clear struck me as a very appropriate theme for Easter from now on. Lets concentrate on the cleansing, the resurrection and the new life as living realized Gods. Just refuse to be suppressed. CHOOSE TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

And don't think you can skip clear because you're a muslim. See were some of your muslim dogma values are derived from. If you are not allowed to read the kuran, try some biblical letters from a guy called Paul. That's a mole on all fours.

So this Easter, lets end suffering, starting with Self. CHOOSE TO BE WHO YOU ARE.

Om prema!

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