My name is Angelika and I have professionally taught classes in
the intuitive, visionary and energetic healing arts for the last 12
years. I currently live on the Big Island of Hawaii and am involved
in inter-species communication work with the cetaceans -
especially the spinner dolphin which I swim with daily in local
bays - as well as telepathic contact work with the Arcturians,
Andromedans and Sirians. Recently I have had two ET
experiences which I would like to share because I believe they
are significant for the contact discussions on this forum.

Monday, October 4, 2004
I am sitting at the point in Kealakekua Bay at the Captain Cook
monument, a strong grid power spot, and I can feel the sacred
Hawaiian energies of the bay around me as they begin to
magnify. My angels are very present with me, their moving
bodies materializing momentarily as they position themselves
encircling me and then I am aware of an object above me not
quite fully discernable to the naked eye. Closing my eyes I turn
my attention inward and perceive a spiral of light rising upward
around me. With my angels beside me I am guided to ascend in
the light with them and I immediately see a small, saucer
shaped ship of glowing white light. The angels then stop,
hovering stationary as I continue onward alone and rise through
a portal at the bottom of this vessel into a room filled with no
other than Reptilian crewmembers.

For a moment I am startled and cannot image why my angels
have guided me to this ship and these beings which I have not
associated with before. But I do not feel scared or threatened in
any way, instead I feel fully empowered and a very grounded
sense of my own strength. Immediately I hear from several of
the Reptilian beings the telepathic questions, "Why are you
here?" and "What do you want?". To myself I think that these are
very fair questions and reach into my own consciousness for an
answer. A calm settles in on my own internal airwaves and then
I find myself knowing exactly what to say.

"I am here to deliver a message to your people. Know that the
time of reckoning is almost at hand and you are now being
offered a choice and opportunity. There will be a heavy price to
be paid for your crimes against humanity and if you continue on
your current path your sentencing will be severe. However, if you
cease your attacks and instead step up to assist humanity in this
final stage of awakening, you will be judged much more leniently
for your past actions. A divine mandate decrees that humanity
will be liberated and you can not stop what is already in motion.
Join us now as supporters or prepare yourselves for the
consequences of ignoring this mandate. It is your choice but I
would advise that you consider well what I have said."

With these words I can feel a sense of respect coming from the
Reptilian crew. I know that they are warriors and that they honor
strength and clarity. Before I leave the ship I am told that they will
duly consider my message and with this I leave, descending
back down through the spiral of light back to my waiting body
perched upon the monument platform. My angels tell me that
this is only the beginning and much more is to come. I trust that
they know what they are talking about, and a part of me smiles
inside because I am still a bit incredulous of the fact that they
unceremoniously led me right aboard a Reptilian ship. Yet I feel
pleased that I have completed the job that I was brought there to
do - to deliver a very important message.

Friday, October 8, 2004
It is early morning and I begin my morning meditation with deep
breathing exercises.
Peace and a sense of empowerment fill me and I continue to
build and enjoy these energies for about 45 minutes. Then I feel
compelled to shift awareness, and I receive the clear
communication from the angels that I have important work to do.
Without hesitation I follow a whale guide who presents himself
and I direct my consciousness into the ocean toward the soon
visible underwater ET ship which he is leading me toward.
Aboard is an emissary for the Greys awaiting interaction.
Outside the ship the powerful sperm whale being positions
himself, acting as a sentinel for this meeting and holding the
space without personally interfering in the interaction that will
ensue between us.

I materialize inside this ocean vessel and come face to face with
the Grey. The ship is completely devoid of seating because it is
functionally used as an information storehouse. With a thought a
table and two chairs opposite each other materialize and I invite
the Grey to sit and begin our meeting. We seat ourselves and I
ask the Grey directly what he wants. Before he answers I feel a
wave of deep sadness come from him because he believes that
he has no choice but to continue in the role that he and his
people have been playing out for a very long time with humanity
and other races. A very destructive role for all.

He states that his people have a need and that his people are
acting on behalf of fulfilling this need. Because I understand that
the need he is referring to relates to the gathering of genetic
material (via abductions), I answer him without him having to
elaborate further. I tell the Grey that `need' does not justify force,
nor a lack of responsibility for the results of the actions chosen
by the Grey race in relation to humanity. I state that his people
can no longer victimize those humans who are not as
consciously evolved as his race, or humanity in general which is
not as strong technologically, just because they have the power
to do so.

Abductions in their lack of conscious consent, their invasive
cruelty of treatment, their blatant disregard for well being and the
lack of willingness on the Grey's part to negotiate a win-win
situation for all is no longer acceptable. A wave of the power of
the divine energies of truth which I have been breathing into
myself surface as I continue to state that a divine mandate has
decreed that these injustices will no longer be tolerated. The
time for the reckoning of such choices and actions is coming
quickly and now an opportunity is present for the Grey people to
align with a new path of conduct.

He and his people are not locked into a continuing pattern of
behavior, an unchangeable role, as I felt from him initially, and I
tell him this firmly. There is always a choice and now is the time
to change directions. The Grey, who tells me that his name is
Maloc, explains that he and his people are just doing what is
necessary. I propound that his people have chosen to conduct
their affairs by force, not necessity - and that a decisive solution
with the human race has the potential to be negotiated. Further I
add that this `force' is about to be brought to an end.

As we sit in the center of the room, across from each other in this
small, round ship I suddenly feel the presence of the angels and
I look around. My half of the vessel is filled, shoulder to
shoulder, with angelic beings with swords in hand. The
message is startling and displays the power of the divine
energies ready to be expressed as needed. Looking sternly at
Maloc, I tell him that these powers and more are in service to
humanity and that human consciousness is about to take a
dynamic step in evolution and galactic awareness. These
angelic beings are defending and protecting this growth and
once it completes, the Grey people and their activities will all
come to the attention of the people of Earth and a reckoning for
all actions will take place.

Yet an occasion is also at hand for the Greys to re-evaluate their
current position. They have the present opportunity to change
their tactics and align and assist humanity in its final stage of the
awakening process, thus incurring a much more merciful
judgement for their past actions. Then the light of the angels
and the divine intensifies and I tell Maloc that he is witnessing
firsthand truth and the energies of divine will - and that if he and
his people now chose to continue along their same path without
dramatic change, the payment for such actions will be quite
severe. I ask the Grey if he and his people wish to face the
divine mandate with a total disregard for consequence, and I
state how foolish such a choice would be.

This Grey ambassador has listened attentively as I fulfill my role
here to communicate a clear and powerful message about the
coming changes upon our planet - and to warn him to alter Grey
behavior or be subject to a sizable penalty. Positively, I am also
inviting this race to partake in a solution, to begin a new
exchange based upon equality with humanity and to have all
needs met while not victimizing and forcing themselves upon
another sentient people.

In the end Maloc says that he will deliver this message back to
his people and consider what I have said. We agree to meet
back aboard this ship again very soon. I watch as he then walks
to the far end of the ship and enters a hatch leading to a smaller
vessel docked outside. The pod ship quickly launches and I
witness it rise up through the ocean. I then look to our whale
host, a big eye peering in a round window of the ship, and I thank
him for facilitating this communication and for guiding both of us
to this place for our meeting. Another wave of intense energy
rises within me and look to the angels and ask if I have
completed the job I needed to do today and I am told that I have.