My dear and wonderful friends, I am Diaclosities again, and I wish to bring you some news of the dimension that you have all just created. It is a dimension that before last night did not exist, except in the minds of all of you. Your intent was so strong and clear that in the work that you have done, and the clearness of that work you have created a new paradigm that will steer you through the next days, weeks and months with an amazing speed and agility.

I am now visiting this new dimension that you have created. I will share with you how it is to me. With the intent that was established last night this dimension was squeezed from the one you resided in before last night, and the one you were aspiring to. You, through you collective energies, created a reality that carries with it an amount of love that thus far has not been available to the ones who are living in the dark reality that is of their making.

This love energy is being imparted to those ones on a steady and continuous basis, and with this love there can now be a clearing of the shadows of government on your planet, and also there can be a showering down upon all of those who live in the darkness the light that can set them free of the shadows.

When these ones are enveloped in the light then they will be able to find their way through that tunnel that Enki spoke of. They can find their way into the light, and therefore see their own light that has been staring down upon them and beckoning them to look into their eyes and see the real one there.

As I wander through this reality that you have created I see many faces. I see those faces with a smile and with the look of “haste to hell” washed from their faces. I see a wonderful expression of wonderment for some, and remembrance for others lighting up their countenances.

Do you know what this means, my dear friends? It means that there is now a dimension available for these ones to readily claim as theirs. It is a stairway to the truth from which they came. It is a roadmap by which they can remove themselves from the self-imposed prison that they have found to be a one-way door. They seemed to have thrown away the key, however that key landed in the hands of The Source, and he gave it to all of you. Last night you accepted that key, and with the love that prompted that acceptance, you have unlocked the secret to their freedom.

There are those last night who heard the call to look to the light. There are those who were wandering around in a daze of anguish and resentment, who saw from the corner of their eyes a glimmer of hope for a better way. Those are the ones who are there now, in this new dimension of reality. They heard and they answered for they were searching, though they knew not what for.

With this new dimension in the works, there is more potential for a life with all the love and light that is The All. You have laid the foundation, and with those who have answered the call and stepped out of the darkness the walls of light and the rooms of love are secure and constant through the knowingness from all of you that it is so. You didn’t even know what you did. Now you do, with this knowledge just think of what you can do now. You have the power to go on in this light and produce the infinite in love creations.

It is a fine, fine place from which I bring you this message this morning. I stand in a pool of light that reflects back the smiles of each of you. As one of you thinks of last night and then recalls the love that was garnered then, I see your smiling countenance and I smile back at the grandeur. I see the love in every particle of light here, and I see the formation of the rewards of the return to love for these ones.

I see one of them at the side of St Germain and he is crying tears of joy. I see another who is at the table with Sananda with a feast before him fit for a king. I see another in the arms of Enki, and he knows that he is his brother. I see another who is laughing and playing with the children he long ago left behind, and it is a sight to behold.

I am overjoyed to see all these ones shedding their blankets of darkness and stepping into the light of eternal truth. My dear ones, you do not have to wait till tomorrow or the next day to know that what you do every moment is created in truth in the next. For here is the proof that I am giving you this moment. Tune in and I will take you by the hand and we will walk together through this new dimension of truth and promise of a grand new day for everyone.

I go now and join all those who are streaming forth into this new reality; the moment is sweet my friends. Thank you and bless you all for this gift to humanity.