Dear reader, the little piece below is based on an e-mail exchange with a friend on Candace Frieze's messages, in particular the Valentine day message.

I started reluctantly with a standard analysis, as usual, and arrived at this startling conclusion along the way.

Dear ones,

wouldn't it be fun if Candace Frieze would turn out to be Dove?
Dear ... is basing his red alert web-site update on Sananda ... through Candace.
So his actions would at present be dictated by Dove. Isn't that hilarious?

On an even more Sirius note:
people are getting desperate. Those that did not make the switch to sovereignty - to fry one's own egg - apparently have little zest left.
Yes, the Sheldon reports seem to suggest the grand-finale is upon us and they even mention dates been given to Earth allies.
This is all good and well and could very well be valid.
Let's assume, for sake of argument, that a clever little bird, having or not having lost it's way, had a imagination, a dream, based on exactly that idea.
Sananda speaks in her mind and yes, there is confirmation, I'm coming, no, He's coming, this year, 2005, yes!

The worn out desperado's see a crust of bread and fly hither.
And break their noses once again, maybe!
The Masters told me, for exactly this reason, "never mind the 3D charade".
This means: become an observer. Enjoy the ride.

As I understand the Ladies from Above are having a grand say in affairs presently. If I were them I would find it highly amusing to spread some breadcrumbs all over the place and see the pigeons do what comes natural, so I would have a nice and quite workspace.
Then, all of a sudden, mommy bellows from the kitchen: "breakfast is ready!". And every one will still be rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. "What's up?" And with a gracious sway of the woman’s arm she invites you to a table all set with myriad abundance and comfort.



The newspaper article that gave a face to the White Bird.

In case the above link doesn't work.

Dove's personalia derived therefrom:


She was born Candace Darlene Goodwin on May 4, 1947, and grew up in McCleary, a small town east of Aberdeen in Grays Harbor County.

The oldest of four children, she was dark-eyed and pretty. In 1962 she was crowned queen of the annual McCleary Bear Festival. The photo made the front page of the now-defunct Elma Chronicle.

Candy Goodwin attended Elma High School, and graduated in 1965. She studied French and made good grades. She joined the pep club. Her high school classmates liked her, and she had lots of friends.

"Very outgoing, vivacious, good sense of humor - I picture her smiling," said classmate Karen Olson, whose maiden name was Basset.

After graduation, Goodwin married but later divorced. There weren't any children. She moved on alone. Boyfriends came and went.

For a few years in the mid-1970s, she lived in Minnesota and worked for a computer company. She came back to Washington and, in 1980, landed a job with the state Department of Social and Health Services as a computer specialist. For the next decade, she bounced between state employment and private business, sometimes living with relatives.

She tried to freelance as a computer consultant, but didn't do well. She got interested in New Age philosophy. JoAnn Witt, Goodwin's aunt, says Candy always was "a little different."

In March 1988, she linked up with a Delaware corporation called EAN Corp., and asked family and friends to invest $1,000 in start-up money. She bought a new truck in early 1989 and listed her corporate salary as $5,000 a month on the loan application.

Delaware state records show EAN didn't make a dime. Goodwin says the company's owner deceived her and stopped paying her salary. On July 16, 1989, Goodwin filed for bankruptcy in Tacoma.

She erased more than $20,000 in maxed-out credit cards, kept the truck and went back to state employment for three years as a computer information consultant.

In 1992, she resigned, moved to Port Angeles, and eventually changed her name from Candace to Shaini. Goodwin says she left her job because a concussion from a car accident made working too difficult.

In 1995, an ex-boyfriend named Larry Tipton sought a protection order against Goodwin in Clallam County and accused her of harassment - peeking in his windows, calling him repeatedly and appearing in places where he could not avoid her. Goodwin disputed the claims. She says Tipton was depressed and suicidal and that she was just trying to keep an eye on him. A judge granted the restraining order.

Tipton hasn't spoken to Goodwin in several years. He said he did not know about her Dove pseudonym or her Internet celebrity.

"She's a wonderful, vivacious woman, but her views are a little bit out there," he says. "She's very bright - she'll tie you in knots. If you want to meet a character, meet Shaini."

In 1997, the IRS filed a lien against Goodwin, seeking $12,000 in unpaid taxes dating from 1991 to 1994. The agency does not lift liens until the debt is repaid in full. As of June, Thurston County court records show the lien remains active.

Goodwin says she was audited in the early 1990s and says she thinks she paid those bills. She told The News Tribune she hadn't seen the lien and gives it no credence. She says the IRS is an illegal organization and its actions have nothing to do with her "work." She says she has never mentioned her bankruptcy to her readers because it's "irrelevant."