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Dear H, see today's article when it is up! I have addressed the Dove issue, and hopefully put it at rest. You will see a bit more going on then you discussed when you read it at any rate. I am glad that you considered the idea, because if not you, someone else would! Sananda will be addressing why the difference in what his personality over other channelings. I did write back and forth to Dove many times. Take care, Candace

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I sure am looking forward to it!
It will be good to have this out of the way before the action starts and serious work needs to be done.
I'll let you know.





Message From Sananda: Nothing Is As It Seems

By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

From: AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.com


Good day everyone. Sananda had me at the computer nice and early again. There are ever new little problems cropping up since these messages went world wide. The BBB&G's always rise to the challenge in their own special ways. I will just jump and get going.

SANANDA: Thank you, dear readers, for your many very good questions. This little project is going very well. I find it most enlightening to personally look at these questions. Candace reads them to me via telepathy. There have been so many warm and supportive letters.

I see that they are, indeed, spreading around the world. I am most pleased to see translations of them now into several languages. There are some, who are creating new websites just for this purpose of making the material available to many, who do not speak English.

Some readers, that are translating, worry about getting the correct concepts into their respective languages. One very resourceful reader is using the Internet to assist her in translating certain ideas, that she finds difficult to convey.

Do not worry too much about little details. If you have difficulty with a concept, merely add a personal note saying that you are having difficulty with the concept, and this is the best you can do with it. Just make sure you identify that it is you adding the note. Do not, however, attach your name directly to the note, for your security.

Bear in mind, that the BBB&G's will also be reworking these messages and intentionally changing what is in them before posting to certain sites. I am not concerned about small errors in translation. I just ask you to do the best that you know how. We want the messages spread.

If you notice any oddities anywhere these are being posted, in that you read the posting say on Four Winds10, and then elsewhere, and the message has been changed, please let Candace know which Internet site is making flagrant or subtle changes to the material that affect it's accuracy.

Now, I am going to address the concerns of a reader who sent in a most timely request. Candace will paste in a portion of that email.

READER: 1. Sananda has confirmed some suspicions that I and others have held for a long time; namely, that the Forces of Light were not ALL POWERFUL! They couldn't be with NESARA not having been announced yet.
4. My friend has recently gotten her off-world contacts to understand that this stuff about the "prime directive" is a bunch of bull. The only law that matters is one that says support one another. We've had a very unfair situation here on planet earth where we've had every disadvantage you could think of inflicted upon us from loss of memory to being dumbed down by our schools and media, to having to fight reptilians with advanced technology. It's been unfair that the Dark Forces have been able to connect with the off-world forces that have supported them, and we haven't had the same backing from the Forces of Light. It's been a situation that's very similar to the one involving the invasion of Iraq by America. Scott Ritter, ex-UN weapons inspector, has called the invasion of Iraq by the United States similar to a 300-lb. gorilla attacking a helpless baby. What could the Forces of Light have been thinking of expecting the people of earth to cope with all of these disadvantages? The excuse that we haven't prayed enough won't work either. Plenty of people all over this planet have been praying for a helluva long time without seeing any changes in our lives.
I would like you to ask Sananda to comment on what I've said here. Thank you for bringing him through to us.
In Love And Light, name withheld.

SANANDA: Prime Directive is not a bunch of bull. It is Universal law and if we do not honor it, we find ourselves in big trouble. We will have sunk to the same level as our adversaries. The reason we have faced so many difficulties is that the BBB&G's repeatedly ignore the Prime Directive. I would like to mention that Lucifer ignored Prime Directive. He thought he had a better way. The conditions on this planet are a direct effect of failing to follow Universal Law.

The Universe is highly organized. It has in place a system not unlike what is supposed to have been an example in the creation of the United States. Many American Indian Tribes followed this type of organization. Simply put, you have cities organized into counties, counties into states, and states into a country, and one day all these countries will be united under some sort of world federation which you will CO-create.

Now, in regard to the comment that the "Forces of Light were not ALL POWERFUL! They couldn't be with NESARA not having been announced yet." First the announcement of NESARA was in the hands of the Earth community who CO-created it. We were not overtly involved until late in the spring last year following the failure of the announcement. It was the last chance for Earth to do it. WE NOW HAVE THAT POWER. WE HAVE THE PERMISSION.

With that permission came a re-working of the plan from our perspective. Much has gone on of which most are unaware. To begin, we have been removing the puppet masters, so the puppets have not these to rely on! We have modified the program a great deal. It is the same program as before, no changes in its basic premises. We have enhanced it in ways that will speed up the whole process.

We no longer have to honor some of the agreement about NESARA that existed before. There are changes in timing and funding of the prosperity programs. I cannot go into detail. We made quite a serious attempt the weekend of January 8th & 9th. This was an actual test of the announcement, and had it gone seamlessly, we were going straight into the announcement.

The issue then was the Emergency Broadcast System. Many TV channels, because of interference, did not participate in the test. Again, we had problems two days before the State of the Union Address. It was the Emergency Broadcast System again. Some of you may have heard in your news that the State of Pennsylvania was ordered to evacuate. So, I am saying here, the announcement may not necessarily come over this system. We are working on a different way.

I will say, also, not to believe some of the information coming out about the prosperity funding. Not all is as it seems. We would love a nice and gentle first contact. This may not be possible as discussed in the first message. I have stressed to you that you must be available to help those around you, who are in misunderstanding of what is going on.

We come in peace. You know that. If we must show ourselves in a decloaked manner, with public announcement that we are real and here, I NEED YOUR HELP.


Now, concerning the comment, that the dark forces have been able to contact their off world sources, and that there had not been similar support of the Light, I will remind you of what I just said above. The puppet masters have been removed. We are increasing our support for the Light, tremendously. The minions are standing alone. They are expecting help, and it shall not be found.

We have directly contacted in various ways, their minions and informed them they will not find help from their non-existing superiors. They have chosen not to "get this." Now, look at your world and your news. Is not Mr. Bush traveling around looking for support? Is not Condi Rice trying the same? They are getting mightily worried, because no orders have been forthcoming. Bush and his cabal are not finding their support group in their ventures, despite what you may see in the news. They are getting frantic. I assure you, we are doing many other things in support of this project that must remain in secrecy.

After the Tsunami, the week that Mr. Bush was in vacation at his ranch in Florida, he was personally contacted [by the Forces of Light ]. He was asked most blatantly to do the right thing. He was asked to support NESARA. He was shown how to make a contact, that would help him bail out. He was given one last and final choice to take the Grace of God, and return to the Light. God is giving out a lot of Grace these days.

Now, as the situation of prayer in that letter: In general, a planet's people must find ways to solve planetary problems. This is what soul growth is about. This is what two or more in my name means. Your prayers were heard long ago, and still are heard. You had to ask permission for our intercession. We only give intercession when the planetary people have exhausted all possibilities. This did happen last spring. The White Knights had exhausted all possibilities. NESARA was created by the Earth people, as it should have been. You learned much from the process. Now, we have come to help. As you read this, know that the Forces of Light are now fully in control of the process.


Now, I shall change the topic and address another issue to our readers. Many are writing and asking what their mission is, and how will they find out. Not everyone has been assigned a particular mission. In fact those that have missions, for the most part, created their mission. Everything has been in flux for so long, that a mission can even change. Most of you have not been given any particular mission. It is up to you to CO-create with God and make a mission, as you see what unfolds before you with the coming changes.

Look around you, and see what seems to be wrong. Look at your skills and knowledge. Make a group, two or more in my name, and create a mission. I cannot tell each and every one of you what to do. You are expected to design your mission, if not already involved in one. This is one of the great reasons you are on the planet. It has so many problems. Do not stand around and wait for me to motivate you. CO-CREATE WITH GOD.

I've talked enough. We do however have a new problem. Candace has been mistakenly identified by some as possibly being the Dove. I will let her take over at this point. I thank all, who are writing in support, and I welcome the questions you are sending. Candace has written many long answers. To help her have more time, I am advising her to write down interesting questions, and I will address them in the messages, rather than she having to do it. If one person has a question, then so do others!

Salu. Go and make the most of your life. Sananda

CANDACE: Last evening in checking my mai,l and someone copied to me a dialogue occurring between a couple of others. They were considering that I might be the Dove. I was most perplexed about why they would think this. The only thing that occurred to me might be my comments recently about how myself and some friends set about to prove NESARA to ourselves.

After I had gone to bed, and my head cleared a bit, I suddenly remembered sending an email to Dove after she was "outed" this summer. Dove writes under a pseudonym. She was forced to provide her real name. As it turns out, she and I share the name Candace as a middle name. I wrote her an email acknowledging this. Unfortunately, when cleaning up my mail box I deleted that letter, or I would publish it here. The first name I dropped has absolutely no similarity to Dove's. I did write Dove quite a number of times. I am pasting in an email, minus the personal email address I use, showing an example of our communication with each other.

The Email:

Subj: Re: Pay Pal cutting off websites
Date: 7/26/2004 1:53:41 AM Mountain Daylight Time
From: dove@nesara.us (Dove of O)
CC: mark.wilson9@comcast.net (Mark W.), Webmaster@nesara.us (Mark)


I have seen emails about Pay Pal doing something that was wrong, and I'm glad you wrote to me to explain it.

We will go after Pay Pal after NESARA is announced. What they are doing is not allowed by Constitutional Law.

I'm copying Mark, our webmaster, because he needs to know this info.
Blessings, Dove


----- Original Message -----
To: Dove@Nesara.us
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 12:13 PM
Subject: Pay Pal cutting off websites

I don't know that much about Pay Pal, but many websites have lost there Pay Pal accounts, for the reasons of selling unpermitted material. Cassiopaea.Org was a recent victim. Another site whose name I don't remember was cut off for selling anti-Bush T-shirts etc. I thought their merchandise was quite good myself. This is horrible. They are controlling what happens on the Internet. Cassiopeia gets it's donations thru Pay Pal. It doesn't sell very much, mainly a couple books. It has a lot of information and is quite anti-Bush. I find this very subversive. Hoping that we get NESARA before too much longer. AT this point the Internet needs to allow all. I assume that Pay Pal could use it's abilities to make the selling of porn, etc., difficult, but evidently, anything anti-Bush and pro truth and knowledge is considered porn. Just had to get this of my chest. Could you consider covering this problem in one of your reports? I am researching the problem for an essay in the column I write. Thanks, Candy


CANDACE: Dove lives, or at least did, in Washington State. LewisNews, that publishes my column, is also in Washington State. They were visited by someone, who may have been checking up on this little detail. I do not live in Washington State. I live quite a long distance away. Just for a laugh, however, I do have 2 more similarities to Dove. I live in a mobile home. I was caring for an elderly "relative." However, that relative was my dearly beloved cat, who passed this plane Dec. 4th, 2004.

I note, today, on rereading Dove's report on that event last summer, that she lost a dearly beloved cat, also, an animal who attended her in some stressful times of her life. My kitty did the same for me. She was so advanced in terms of her care for me, I often wondered if she were a little angel of some kind. Sananda and I will be doing a message about your animal friends and their journey in these times of Ascension a little later.

There the similarity ends. For one, Dove has been heavily involved in computers as a career. My readers on my list will know that I am certainly not Dove, as my computer skills leave something to be desired. Dove would most certainly know how to do a BBC! I could not get my BBC to function. A reader kindly informed me that I must send an email to myself, and then put my reader's email addresses in the BBC box. I was not sending an email to myself, I was putting one of the addresses on my list into my send-to box. My ISP instructions did not explain that little detail of sending the email to myself!

I will send by mail to Patrick Bellringer at Four Winds, some ID that should satisfy this problem, and let him comment on the site that I am most certainly not Dove! I still have to protect myself and my address at this time, the BBB&G's having suddenly increased their interference since Feb. 12. So, I assume these messages are a threat! I want to assure readers that I will never share email addresses or any other identity without permission. It is not safe to do so.

So, I sign off, so, I can get this out today. I hope this quells the "I might be Dove theory". Take care, and let me say once more how much I appreciate all those love beams that come my way! Candace.


abundanthope.com, registered in 2002 whois info and Dove's suite adres.

(Click to enlarge)

AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.com is Candace's mail account from Wall Mart. If we want to meet Candace we go to the Tacoma Wall Mart.
Now, as mentioned, the abundanthope.com was registered by Chiara Wood, 6th avenue, Tacoma, in 2002!

There was at a time also made mention of the possibility Dove staged the news paper article to boost attention.

So if we want to meet Candace and Dove and Chiara Wood we are still going to the Wall Mart in Tacoma.

See you there!



Hi H., 4winds is having problems, so the article may not be up there yet. It is up on Lewis News. Look for my name in the left hand column and click on it. All the stuff I have written since last April is there also. Thankyou for writing!  Take care, Candace


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She can talk.

Hi Candace, not only fourwinds is having troubles. I couldn't collect my e-mail for about a day and a half. What agony!
I picked up your article yesterday from fourwinds, so it's posted there for a couple of days now.
I can recognise more of Sananda and the content is very interesting and straight forward.
If Sananda says your not, who am I to disagree?
Mentioning the mobile home and the cat (Dove once shared she was a walk-inn so the cat could very well have been her mother) make me scratch my head once more.
To me you could have been (twin) sisters. Naming both Candace would not have been very practicle.
You know what it is with cat's and other animals? They share unconditional love, creators love. Hard to find in any ego driven human.

I'll have a better look at your collumn articles. An inside look on American politics will be interesting. It's not much better here!

Bye bye for now,

Love and blessings ;-) ,