Message to all Women from Standing Elk.


"All Women share the reflection of Devine Beauty
and are part of the Sacred Womb that
gives Eternal Life to Mother Earth.

Activate your lower chacra's in honor of Mother Earth.
Do not freeze them. Be aware of your purpose for being.

Do your Holy Duty to Mother Earth."

Step 0 :

The church is NOT a devine institution !

They only serve their own purpose in their rules and regulations.


Even daily things are Holy ...


... replace shame with PRIDE ...


... LOVE your gift ...


... do not fear to insult the Giftbearer ...


... unwrap The Gift your way ...


... Honour The Gift and bear fruit to the sacred Tree of Life ...


... only then will we have established A Healthy Balance.




Use your discernment, let the sacred Pink Lotus blossom flourish.

[NOW is not the time to think [don't hide behind "reason" !], just do it.]


Signed with LOVE, Understanding and a kiss on your hand,


"Come and see what I mean", All That Is is waiting on you.